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‘Cars and coffee’ is like a motor show, only better

With an array of desirable cars and chilled Sunday morning vibe, this concept brings horsepower to the people.

Michael Stahl |

Road test: Lexus's LC500h is a surprise charmer

It’s the way it looks and drives, plus a few surprise-and-delight features, that help the LC500h to stand out.

Ged Bulmer |

Aston Martin DBX gets December debut

The British marque aims high as it attempts to muscle into the luxury SUV market.

Paul Gover |

Jaguar's F-Pace SVR is an automotive apex predator

This rowdy rapid SUV asks to be driven, and driven hard. Executive Traveller happily complied.

Ged Bulmer |

First drive: Land Rover Discovery Sport 2020

New for 2020, the ‘Disco’ makes some big changes that extend the appeal of the archetypal suburban off-roader.

Paul Gover |

Rebooted baby Benz shows star power

Sporty specification brings out the best in Mercedes-Benz’s accomplished A-Class hatchback.

Ged Bulmer |

Mercedes-Benz' EQS electric S-Class concept

A 700km range, focus on sustainability and curvy new design reveal much about the future of motoring.

Bloomberg Pursuits |

The shining stars of the Frankfurt Motor Show

From the reborn Land Rover Defender to a hybrid Lamborghini, here are the hottest models from the floor of Frankfurt.

Hannah Elliott |

First look: new Land Rover Defender 2020

The iconic off-roader finally gets the modern makeover that fans have been crying out for.

Paul Gover |

BMW Concept 4 revealed at Frankfurt Motor Show

It's far less 'out there' than most concept cars, which means this could hold design cues to the next generation of Beemers.

David Flynn |

Everyone deserves to have a sports car

There's a riot of great choices when it comes to picking a ‘Sunday morning special’.

Paul Gover |

Your next car could be smarter than a smartphone

Next-gen connectivity means cars such as the new Audi A6 might be the smartest device you own.

Paul Gover |

Road test: Porsche Panamera GTS

Reloaded in second-generation guise, the Porsche Panamera GTS feels like a more mature and refined four-door version of the 911.

Ged Bulmer |

There’s life left in the executive sedan yet

Despite the enduring popularity of SUVs, a luxury saloon remains a logical choice for well-to-do business types.

Paul Gover |

BMW's X7 is a big SUV with big presence

BMW super-sizes the SUV to deliver extra legroom in the back rows and added appeal in the driver's seat.

Ged Bulmer |

Anyone can cut a lap at Nurburgring

The famed Nurburgring is a road test of man and machine – and anyone can do it, in an easy day trip from Frankfurt.

Paul Gover |

The Porsche 911 made for special days and roads

Step behind the wheel of a 'Lizard Green' Porsche 911 GT3 RS and the road beckons – especially the twisty bits.

Paul Gover |

Test drive: Volvo XC 40 adds style to sensibility

The compact XC40 is refreshingly modern and fun, yet retains the practical, safe and functional touches for which Volvo is famous.

Ged Bulmer |