Marriott Bonvoy fast-tracks status upgrades in Asia Pacific

Marriott makes it quicker to climb the status ladder in 2020, and there's also a boost to elite members' lifetime status progress.

By Chris C., June 24 2020
Marriott Bonvoy fast-tracks status upgrades in Asia Pacific

Marriott Bonvoy is making it easier for elite members to climb the status ladder in 2020, by gifting bonus Elite Nights to all Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium and Ambassador cardholders living in Australia and across Asia Pacific.

Elite Nights are what take each member from one tier to the next – and when the bonus nights are combined with any that the traveller has already earned in 2020, or will earn before the year’s end, this puts the higher levels of status within easier reach.

Some of Marriott’s highest-tier Ambassador Elite guests will also be able to gift complimentary Platinum status to another person of their choosing, without them needing to have earned any Elite Nights of their own: here’s what you need to know.

Marriott Bonvoy bonus Elite Nights

The existing elite status of all Marriott Bonvoy members has already been extended until at least February 2022 – but for those based in Asia Pacific who want to ascend to a higher tier this year, a helpful serve of bonus Elite Nights will make that goal easier.

In late July, elite members will see the following number of Elite Nights credited to their Marriott Bonvoy account:

Current tier (earned in 2019)

Bonus Elite Nights

Total Elite Nights needed to upgrade

Ambassador Elite

50 Elite Nights

No published upgrade requirements for Marriott’s VIP Cobalt Elite tier

Titanium Elite

38 Elite Nights

100 Elite Nights + US$20,000/year spend for Ambassador

Platinum Elite

25 Elite Nights

75 Elite Nights for Titanium

Gold Elite

13 Elite Nights

50 Elite Nights for Platinum

Silver Elite

5 Elite Nights

25 Elite Nights for Gold

The number of bonus Elite Nights each member will receive aligns with roughly half the nights they’d need to retain their existing tier – but of course, their existing tier has already been extended, making these most useful for those hoping to upgrade their status.

Marriott confirms that these bonus Elite Nights will also be counted as Lifetime Nights, which will help members’ progress towards the program’s Lifetime Silver Elite, Lifetime Gold Elite and Lifetime Platinum Elite tiers.

Here’s how those lifetime status tiers can be unlocked, keeping in mind the traveller needs to earn both the required number of Lifetime Nights, as well as having been an elite member for a certain period:

Lifetime level

Nights required

Plus, years required

Lifetime Silver Elite

250 Lifetime Nights

5 years Silver Elite status or higher

Lifetime Gold Elite

400 Lifetime Nights

7 years Gold Elite status or higher

Lifetime Platinum Elite

600 Lifetime Nights

10 years Platinum Elite status or higher

For example, the 50 bonus Elite Nights being gifted to Ambassador Elite members are also equal to 20% of the Lifetime Nights needed for Lifetime Silver Elite.

Bonus Elite Nights will also help Platinum and above-Platinum members to unlock their Annual Choice Benefits, given after earning 50 and 75 Elite Nights each year.

Complimentary Platinum Elite status for Ambassadors

Top-tier Ambassador Elite cardholders in Asia Pacific who earned their elite status in 2019 and reach 100 Elite Nights in 2020 will also be able to gift complimentary Platinum Elite status to one person of their choosing.

With half that requirement already taken care of via the 50 bonus Elite Nights, it’s still a tough ask in the current climate, requiring almost two months of solid travel before the end of 2020.

Reach that target and you’ll receive an email from Marriott to make the arrangements. If you’ve already qualified based on previous travel, or will qualify based on past travel plus the bonus Elite Nights, you’ll hear from Marriott in late July.

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