Now there's unlimited free WiFi at Dubai Airport

By Chris C., December 6 2016
Now there's unlimited free WiFi at Dubai Airport

Passengers travelling through Dubai can now remain connected to the office or loved ones back home thanks to a new high-speed wireless Internet service available across Dubai International and Dubai World Central airports.

With no download limits and an overall capacity exceeding 5Gbps – yes, that's Gigabits, equal to 5,000 Megabits (Mbps) – there's enough bandwidth available to comfortably allow more than 1,600 travellers to stream Netflix content simultaneously, or for even more users performing less data-intensive tasks.

It's a particular win for Aussie travellers flying with Emirates and on Qantas' flagship flights between Australia and London Heathrow, who can now remain connected for free from the moment they enter the terminal at Dubai International until they board their onward flight.

"When our passengers arrive in Dubai after a long journey they now expect to keep in touch with friends and family all over the world," said Michael Ibbitson, EVP of Business Technology at Dubai Airports.

"To enable this, Dubai Airports has invested heavily in developing a state of the art infrastructure to deliver industry leading WiFi capability," Ibbitson adds.

As the United Arab Emirates isn't included with Optus' $10/day Travel Packs or Vodafone's $5/day roaming, these customers can also avoid hefty roaming charges by relying on Dubai's high-speed WiFi network for their data needs, including to send and receive data-based iMessages between iPhones.

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