Pack smart with these space-saving travel tips

Follow these handy tips to get the most out of your luggage space.

By Staff Writers, November 23 2019
Pack smart with these space-saving travel tips
Executive Traveller x Anaconda

When it comes to travel, luggage space comes at a premium – so it’s important to make sure you pack mindfully with high-performance garments, tools and gadgets that will help save space, weight and create a smoother travel experience.

With that in mind, we explore some versatile products that could be a good fit for your next business trip.

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Ditch the bulk for lightweight high performers

Suits, formal wear and business attire can tend to be bulky and or cumbersome to pack, and even more difficult to keep them presentable and ready to wear. While they might be necessities for the trip, you can complement these with clothes that can serve more than one purpose.

For example, lightweight athletic leisure wear is perfect for business travel – not only is it comfortable on long flights, the fabrics are often breathable and great at keeping you at the right temperature without taking up too much space.

Fleece or Merino jackets and pants are a great option – both offer relaxed style and comfort, and are built to last the rigors of travel.  

Start at the base

High quality base layers keep you dry and warm when it’s cold outside, but the best base layers also help wick away sweat from your body, so even when it’s hot you’ll steel feel fresh.

Base layers made from natural materials like Merino wool are high performing and super lightweight and don’t take up much space, which means you can afford to leave bulky jackets at home and get more use out of your luggage space.

A thermal top made from Merino wool is highly recommended for travelling.

Organised on the inside

Packing and repacking your bag can be annoying and time consuming – instead, separate and keep your luggage organised with handy packing pods.

Whether you prefer to pack items based on which days you’ll be wearing them, by type of item, or style, you’ll save time and hassle finding what you need when travelling with an organised packaging system. The added bonus with packing pods is that they’re brilliant space savers.

Travels bags and packing pods often allow you to rearrange the compartment sizes to cater to the items you’re wanting to store from smaller items like underwear and socks to valuables such as jewellery and watches.

Be prepared, just in case

It’s a great idea to ‘be prepared’ when you’re travelling for business or leisure. While most of the time you can rely on your hotel to provide most necessities, being caught out when you need something urgent can be frustrating.

So while it’s a good idea to try to be as lightweight as possible, it’s also important to bring items that can help when you’re in a bind. For us, a portable powerbank is a must – even if you never end up using it, we highly recommend keeping one in your carry-on luggage or day bag just in case you run out of juice. A 10,000mAh powerbank has enough power to recharge your devices without taking up too much space.

A sleepmask and earplugs are also worth their weight in gold when travelling – and in our experience, well  worth purchasing high quality versions rather than the pared back offerings you get for free on the plane. While they don’t take up much room at all, they can be the difference between getting a really good night’s sleep or tossing and turning uncomfortably.

Travel smart

Hitting the road, whether it’s for business or leisure travel means that you’re away from home without all your creature comforts. Remembering these simple but effective tips will help you pack light and travel smart.

This article is sponsored by Anaconda: Australia’s first choice, one stop, outdoor adventure & sporting retailer