Perfect for inflight reading: TED's new iPad/iPhone book app

By John Walton, July 16 2012
Perfect for inflight reading: TED's new iPad/iPhone book app

Business travellers looking for a concise yet interesting read on their next trip now have a fantastic electronic option for their iPads and iPhones: new set of books from the TED series of conferences, delivered via an iOS app.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design -- and its well-regarded conferences are staples of the next generation of thought in fields well beyond those captured by its original name.

The new TED books are aimed at a relatively compact 20,000 words, are ideal for reading on a plane -- or even in parts on your daily commute.

Apple's iOS platform allows TED to add audio, video and social media into each book, and to set up an in-app subscription model that delivers the newest books to you quickly as you're sitting in the lounge or getting ready to leave the house.

You can choose an auto-renewing three-month, six-book subscription for $15, or pick book-by-book for $3 each. If you subscribe within 90 days of the 10 July 2012 launch, you get all the back catalogue titles included free. (You can turn off the auto-renew on the subscription.)

The app itself comes in at just under 5MB, not including books.

Download: TED Books

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John Walton

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