PHOTO TOUR: Inside Donald Trump's personal Boeing 757

By danwarne, September 1 2011
PHOTO TOUR: Inside Donald Trump's personal Boeing 757

Everyone loves a VIP jet. Especially the VIPs who fly in them.

However, for the non-VIPs, it's still fun to get a look inside these uber-luxury jets. Donald Trump asked The Apprentice's Amanda Miller to take his fans through the luxury steel tube he'll be flying around the world in.

However, we'll let you in on a little secret that Donald didn't necessarily want mentioned -- the Boeing 757 is a slightly worn, second-hand, previously loved aircraft, formerly owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. (It seems that even multi-billionaires are having to make sacrifices in the global financial crisis.)

In keeping with his inimitable style, Donald Trump has had the plane emblazoned with massive "TRUMP" lettering in gold dominating the top of the plane, and a stylised "T" on the tail.

The galley is probably one of the least luxurious parts of the plane. There are actually several visible surfaces that aren't polished wood or gold. (After all, this is where the help will be working; Donald himself is not likely to be here.)

"You'll notice the seatbelts ... as well as everything else ... are 24ct gold plated."

We hate to break it to you Donald, but the inflight entertainment software does not look like it's state of the art.

Also, that six-foot dining table looks a little bit skinny for comfortable dining.

Still, the pokey dining room and old inflight entertainment software are probably made up for by the 57" TV and stretch-out sofa room, with cinema-quality sound system. Amanda Miller looks pretty happy about it, anyway.

Oh, and the inflight entertainment system has had a special gold "T" button added.

The guest room is "completely wrapped in wood" and also features a separate home theatre system. The two sofas can be used as full-length beds.

One of our favourite quotes from the video is "Mr Trump's private bedroom has yards and yards of elegant gold silk" ... "and a master bathroom with shower and 24ct gold plated sink."

As elegant as an ostentatious display of wealth in the form of gold plating can be, anyway!

Now that you've seen the highlights, why not watch the movie, from Donald Trump's own YouTube channel. (Available in HD full-screen, of course.)

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