Ping's adjustable Sigma 2 putters will help you nail that hole

By Bobby Walia, November 15 2018
Ping's adjustable Sigma 2 putters will help you nail that hole

In a time where custom fitting of golf clubs is becoming the norm – where players of all abilities are looking to have their club flexes, shaft weights and spin rates tweaked – there's one particular club that is very often over-looked.

Yet this club is probably the most important when it comes to saving the most shots during a round as well. It's the humble putter.

Ping's new Sigma 2 wants to change that and elevate the art of the putt to where it belongs – as a crucial part of your game. I recently tried two popular members of the Sigma 2 range, the popular Anser and the unique twin-pronged Tyne. Here's how they stack up.

A new insert for a softer feel

Ping has again, like with the Sigma G model, opted for a softer feeling putter in the Sigma 2. Whilst the previous series had an aluminium insert, the latest offering has a Dual-Durometer elastomer insert with a firmer back layer.

These two elements combined make for precision and touch for shorter delicate putts as well as control and feel for those longer putts.

Give your putter the perfect fit

Ping claimed that a staggering eight out of ten golfers are playing the wrong-length putter, and that consistency improves when you can properly adjust the length for your stroke and posture.

Whilst many people are happy to splash out on a fancy new driver and go through a full fitting process, most will still just buy either a 35” or 34” standard putter off the floor.

The Sigma 2 series' adjustable length shaft allows golfers to effectively 'self-fit' their putter. An adjustment tool that inserts into the top of the grip allows you to customise length between 32" and 36". One full turn causes approximately a 0.25" adjustment, and the grip remains perfectly aligned during adjustment.

On the back of the shaft there are marks showing the different lengths. I found the easiest way to adjust the putter is to hold the head in one hand and the wrench in the other and turn the wrench so you can see the grip move over the hash marks as you adjust it to the desired length.

The adjusting process is really simple and it is fun to get an idea of all the different lengths which can really alter the putting set-up, as well as offer different sensations with the putting stroke.

Model options

The Sigma 2 range offers a staggering 10 model types, each designed for different stroke types as well as having different weights. It's always recommended to find what type of arc you have, and the iPing app is a great tool for this. There are three distinct grips to choose from as well, depending on your grip preference.

Look and feel

The Anser and Tyne shapes remain the same shape as in previous series, and from above the putter the insert is not apparent. Ping has kept their TR face, which I love the look of, with its groove pattern creating the impression of a worn patch in the centre of the putter face. I also really liked the blue and black contrast on the face of the putter.

There is definitely a softer feel when the ball comes off the new insert, but it is by no means "dead" shorter putts definitely feel like you can be firm and confident while longer putts have a great feel and very controllable.

With ten different head shapes to choose from, three grip types, a softer-feeling insert as well as the simple length adjustability, it's hard to imagine anybody not finding a Sigma 2 model to give their game the edge where it counts.

Bobby Walia

With over 15 years of international playing and coaching experience, Sydney-based Bobby Walia has toured and coached around the world and loves the natural rugged beauty of Scottish and Irish links-style courses, which he describes as “a true test of golf – you play them in whatever weather conditions are thrown at you!”.

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