“This is wild!” – Apple’s VR headset in Emirates business

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Apple redesigns the MacBook Air, adds ‘pro’ features to iPad

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Apple reveals new Translate app for iPhone

The next-generation iPhone software will include an translation app that works offline.

Apple to preview new 'Mac on ARM' platform this month

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Apple MacBooks to get increased battery lifespan

A coming-soon update to MacOS will extend the overall lifespan of your laptop's battery.

Apple to drop Intel for its own ARM chip from 2021

The new processors will be based on the iPhone and iPad chips, but much more powerful.

Apple's 5G iPhone 12 on track for late 2020 launch

COVID-19 won't stop the next-generation iPhone from making an expected September 2020 debut.

First look: next-gen TAG Heuer Connected smart watch

A full-body makeover positions the Connected as the best-executed Swiss smartwatch on the market.

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Apple preps iPhone Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro

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US airlines ban MacBook Pro laptops

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