Telstra debuts shared mobile broadband plans for businesses

By David Flynn, August 4 2011
Telstra debuts shared mobile broadband plans for businesses

In brief: Businesses can now share mobile broadband plans among several staff members who need to be out and about at varying times.

Telstra's Mobile Broadband Shared Plan services support several users on the same account, a move the carrier has attributed to increased mobility in the modern workforce.

"65 per cent of small businesses have at least one staff member spending most of their working life outside of the office while more than a third of these companies have the majority of their staff working out of an office more often than they work in one" Telstra says, citing a study conducted with analyst firm IDC.

Telstra Mobile Broadband Shared Plans recognise this by sharing data allowances between all customers listed on a single billing account.

Nine plans span from 4GB through to 15GB of data per month, starting from $45 per month on the 4GB plan including a Telstra Ultimate USB modem (or $35 per month if you already have a Next G modem).

Set up a 4GB shared plan for each of five employees and you'll have a total pool of 20GB per month across these accounts.

This accounts for fluctuations in mobile broadband usage, as it allows one employee who may on the road for much of that month – visiting clients or suppliers, or attending a series of trade shows – to draw down well above the single 5GB data limit without incurring excess data costs.

For full details, visit the Telstra Mobile Broadband Shared Plans site.


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