Three ways Canada will surprise you

There's more to Canada than meets the eye. Here are some interesting experiences beyond the normal.

By Staff Writers, December 7 2021
Three ways Canada will surprise you
Executive Traveller x Destination Canada

There are plenty of things to like about Canada. The turquoise lakes; the self-deprecating sense of humour of Canadians; the towering Rocky Mountains.

But it’s the unexpected quirks around every gorgeous corner that seep into your skin, make a home in your heart and compel you to return again and again. 

Fall in love with a country where you can feel the spray of the world’s most iconic waterfall from deep behind the cascades.

Swoon for a place where you can devour ironic Belgian waffles in a vibrant Chinatown. Feel the delirious joy of being accosted on a road trip by a towering, friendly moose who wants nothing more than to give your car a good lick.

Read on for three curious adventures in Canada.

Don’t let a moose lick your car

They’re dazzling, beautiful and permanently trending on social media. Canada’s wild celebrities are a huge drawcard for Aussie travellers – the bigger, the better.

From frolicking pods of orca whales to majestic polar bears, grizzlies and caribou, Canada’s thriving, diverse wildlife extends well beyond the beaver – Canada’s adorable, buck-toothed national icon.

Join Brian Johnston as he traverses the Icefields Parkway in Alberta, a bucket-list road trip where wildlife sightings are par for the course. Along the way, he encounters helpful park ranger advice, like “DO NOT LET MOOSE LICK YOUR CAR!”

Read on to discover why car-licking is actually a thing in Canada, and why playing dead is your best bet if confronted by a bear. 

Crème brûlée in Chinatown? Why not!

Where on Earth can you sink your teeth into a Belgian waffle and crack a perfect crème brûlée drizzled with green custard after feasting on Sichuan fried chicken, dumplings and mouth-watering dim sims?

This is Vancouver’s Chinatown, where east meets west in a cultural fusion that ensnares the senses, much like the disarming aromas of lemongrass, peppers and sweet dough that fill the air.

Vancouver’s Chinatown has transformed over time, reflecting the evolution of the city itself, while retaining the best of its culinary traditions that began more than a century ago.

Delve into this hip, diverse neighbourhood where young people congregate in business suits to sip on cocktails in sleek bars that sit alongside old-school apothecaries, and woks flare in open kitchens run by innovative culinary entrepreneurs producing world-class Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese fare.

Read on to meet Chinese-Canadian tour guide, Winston Wong, who’s made a career out of loitering around Vancouver’s most colourful district.

What do a million bathtubs sound like?

What sounds like roaring thunder and looks like a tsunami apocalypse? Descend almost 40 metres and delve into the heart of Niagara, through 130-year-old tunnels where you’ll feel the thunderous vibration of the Horseshoe Falls long before you see them through the viewing portals cut straight through the bedrock.

With Journey Behind the Falls, you’ll experience the awesome spectacle of one-fifth of the world’s fresh water crashing down to the basin from 13 storeys above at the equivalent rate of a million bathtubs a minute!

But there’s so much more to Niagara than the world-famous Falls. Follow Brian Johnston as he explores the picturesque region of Niagara-on-the-Lake, resplendent with vineyards, lovebirds and the world’s prettiest promenades.

Main image © Johan Lolos.