Travel Tech: the Glif, a stand and tripod mount for iPhone 4s

By John Walton, May 25 2011
Travel Tech: the Glif, a stand and tripod mount for iPhone 4s

The Glif is a small piece of plastic and metal that's one of the most useful bits of travel kit we've found for iPhone 4s. It's a combination of a stand and a tripod mount that's surprisingly useful.

We've found it solves three problems: watching movies on your iPhone on a plane (holding the thing is irritating), two-finger typing (it's an odd angle when flat on the table) and shooting that "hey, look at this" shot of a city at night when you score that hotel upgrade to a room with a view. 

While the iPhone 4's camera is great for its size, it's susceptible to a bit of wobble. Before the Glif, we ended up trying to prop the iPhone up in the right place to get the shot. And in a hotel room, there's not that much stuff to use to prop an iPhone up. (Although we finally found a use for those tri-fold advertising standups.)

The Glif doesn't look like much, but when it clips onto your iPhone 4 in several different ways you can stand the iPhone up tall (in portrait mode) at various angles for two-finger typing or reading.

Or you can stand the iPhone up wide (landscape mode) at various angles for watching movies or playing games -- remarkably handy for those small half-fold airline trays. 

If you've brought one with you, you can also screw the Glif onto a tripod -- good for FaceTime videoconferencing or shooting movies, motion shots and night cityscapes.

The Glif costs US$20, and shipping to Australia is a further US$9.21, which works out as a total of A$27.50. Its design means it will only work with the iPhone 4, and not with earlier iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS models.


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27 May 2011

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I bought one of these off when they were testing the market. Great tool.  Worth the investment. I use mine as well to record testimonials on the road.  

Here's a sample:

Here's me using this to help show something: 

You will see I record rooms that I stay in using my iPhone 4, the Glif and edit on the iMovie app.


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