Uber Rewards replaced by Uber Rewards subscription program

The free Uber Rewards scheme makes way for a paid Uber One subscription program.

By Matt Lennon, November 1 2022
Uber Rewards replaced by Uber Rewards subscription program

Ridesharing titan Uber has shut down its free Uber Rewards loyalty program, replacing it with a new $10 per month Uber One subscription service offering benefits only to paid-up members.

Uber One is effectively a rebranding of the Uber Pass scheme, with a variety of discounts on rides and deliveries of food, groceries and parcels.

However, unlike Uber Rewards, Uber One lacks status tiers and points-earning capability: instead, it’s all about enjoying benefits on Uber rides and Uber Eats meal deliveries for a flat fee of $10 per month.

All existing Uber Rewards members will receive one complimentary month of Uber One (which they’ll need to opt out of, to avoid being charged an ongoing $10 per month).

Uber One membership in Australia offers the following benefits:

  • a minimum 10% discount on all rides (this can be paired with other promotions for increased savings)
  • free delivery on Uber Eats orders over $20 from stores which display an Uber One icon
  • $5 credit for future Uber Eats orders if your food arrives after the ‘Latest Arrival’ estimate time.
  • access to a variety of members-only “promotions and experiences”

Uber claims its customers are likely to save around $30 per month as members of Uber One, although this of course depends on their individual usage habits.

“We are excited for Aussies to experience the benefits of One membership, which will help them save on Uber rides and Uber Eats” an Uber spokesperson told Executive Traveller.

However, while Uber One is a worldwide program, those membership benefits are available only to customers in the country where their membership is registered.

“We know Uber Rewards members have enjoyed free rewards and some will be disappointed to see them go,” the spokesperson added. “We apologise for any disappointment caused.”

Although the ability to convert Uber Rewards points to Qantas Points will end with the closure of Uber Rewards, riders who are Qantas Frequent Flyer members and have linked their Qantas and Uber accounts will continue to earn one Qantas Point for every dollar spent on fares to and from eligible Australian airports.

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what's the incentive to use them then.Lol someone at my work mentioned Uber recently which when ths bus was running late saved their life.I and this other person are the only two who have accounts at the disability place I work at.everyone else is living in the past with their stone age cab charge rubbish.I can understand if one has themselves and three brothers or three sisters the reason to use an Uber though given they offer an XL size people mover or SUV.13 CABS and the rest haven't offered six seat vehicles in years and think squeezing them all into Camry or Corolla is the answer.That's a recipe for what donald trump called china virus to spread in one car.

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