• Looking forward to it to travel again Melbourne-Singapore to Europe under my Virgin PL card privileges. Not interested in these non stop trips to London. which are most-likely to stop in Darwin,Perth anyway and diminish the saving time.

  • Methods like Home Quarantine are 6 months behind schedule. It should have been available a long time ago, even if Ankle Bracelets were to be used. The same applies the use of Rapid Antigen Test kits for  self testing at home. The sad part of the Australian outbreaks in Victoria could have be...

  • Standard controls such as fully vaccinated Passport & negative test prior departure and possible a rapid test on arrival will be very common to any destination in 2022/23 It may even trigger that preflight Visas become necessary again for Authorities to do traveller checks prior arrival.

  • Hopefully Vanuatu opens up at the same time It will be a good island hopping trip, if New Caledonia is also open. Anna upset me so I wont waste Money there.

  • Living in Victoria has its extreme's in booking any Flights domestically and across to New Zealand is even worse.  3 times I had to rebook and as it is now completely hopeless. I honestly cannot understand Australia & New Zealand Law & Health makers to work out how we could work comm...

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  • COVID-19 vaccine - paid options

    Jan 29, 2021, 04:08 PM

    Being vaccinated does not open the Australian Borders. Allowing Private Vaccination at this stage of the Pandemic would be Suicide for any Government world wide allowing that to happen which is exactly what the WHO is referring to.

  • Are the flight restrictions worth it?

    Jul 25, 2020, 07:28 AM

    the most frustrating part of it all is that we have hundreds of Experts in Australia and thousands around the world.I have not seen a positive article from any of these Experts to enable a Politician to create a Roadmap of how we can implement a reasonable way of safe travel of arrive and retur...

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