• Totally agree! Many people drive as they are unable to take their pets with them in the air. There would definitely be a market and I bet those who have been soooo negative to this possibility, probably wouldn't even know if a pet was on board!

  • I'm sure there would be a limit to the number per flight, probably two and/or specific flights each day that allow pets. Also the size would be taken into account. I see no problems with it and the majority of pets would be far, far better behaved then some of the arrogant and rude, and often agg...

  • Remember the old saying "Buying the cheapest, isn't always the best financial choice in the long run". If the 737Max has even a whiff of any other trouble, you wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole, so why take that risk?

  • Certainly hope QF and VA stay away from this layout! Loathe the inward facing J class seats. Will avoid airlines/aircraft types with this design!

  • I think flying will rebound very quickly once a vaccine is found. We live in very consumer driven world where everyone expects instant holidays which have never been so affordable for everyone in the West and the fast developing East. People will be so feed up being cooped up at home there will b...

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