• I’m sure that funnelling all pax via the T4 shopping area had nothing to do with this decision… Nor seeking to drive higher utilisation of the T4 car park to create parking capacity at T2/T1. Happily it’s all about “completely elevating the customer experience” so w...

  • I’m not sure it’s an “entitlement” to expect a refund for something you bought but didn’t receive. I agree those businesses that are on a knife-edge need support and deserve it, but we need the government or insurers to wear that risk, not consumers who booked in goo...

  • What is 'unbundled' business class?

    Feb 06, 2021, 06:36 PM

    Agree with you Shane999 - and I realise my comment was ambiguous. Maybe to clarify - it would be awesome if unbundled business class doesn’t take off! Policies around “lowest fare of the day” will force the no-frills biz lite product, and different on each airline, wil...

  • What is 'unbundled' business class?

    Feb 06, 2021, 12:38 AM

    It would be amazing if unbundled business class doesn’t take off

  • I really feel for all the wonderful and professional pilots, cabin crew and ground staff who have been impacted by the pandemic. As a (now grounded) very frequent flyer - you’re all in our thoughts and we will be back, looking forward to seeing you again 👍

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