• Given this is such a long flight - showers for first, dine on demand, separate bar/social area for f and biz, enclosed much larger suites for f (including option for doubles), q suite grade spaces for biz. Then there would be a truly competitive product.

  • Regular cleaning - this lounge really is the pits. It’s a zoo most anytime because of the number of people trawling through. Each time I’ve been in, there’s mess everywhere and staff rolling out carts etc. with roped off food stations, yet the floor is littered with paper ser...

  • Think you're headline is out - shouldnt it state "1A and 1F are the largest suites" rather than 1A and 1K?

  • Chris is it you I’ve spotted in the syd Emirates lounge? Are you on your way to review Emirates new fc?

  • "With as many as 76 business class passengers on an Emirates A380, the technology is proving to be a significant time-saver in keeping those premium passengers feed and watered"Fed and watered...

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