• I left Aeroplan 3 years ago after years as 50k, 75k and Super Elite.  It was useful for redemptions and the service from Aeroplan was quite good. Departure prompted by minimum spend needs on AC flights to attain status. e.  $20K for Super Elite - hmm concierge (aside from the terrific p...

  • Three immediately come to mind 1. On time/reliable - and if there is a problem ample warning if at all possible. Flight cancelled or very late shouldn't come as a surprise either at check in or gate, yet so often it does. 2. Comfortable lounge with reasonable food, drinks & space if you need ...

  • SQ - reliably excellent & friendly service. They make flying a pleasure..

  • Oh how I long for a Star Alliance domestic carrier.

  • I hope not..then again I gave up One World years ago. Star Alliance has been good to me for 15yrs (and I've been a gold flyer all that time). I've been loyal and enjoyed the benefits of that loyalty. What the alliance members offer is major selling point for me when booking flights.

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  • I've yet to try EVA, but I spend quite a bit of time in SQ (quite good, light, decent food/booze), and TG which is notably unspectacular. 

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