• I could see the risk of plane crashes increasing on these qantas flights due to high fatigue. One fatal plane crash would ruin qantas' reputation for good.

  • perhaps there are politicians on both sides that are pocketed by the oil, auto, aviation and gas industries. Also some MP's in areas that the rail line will pass through could have a NIMBY attitude.

  • i don't think so unfortunately, political bias on both sides prevents high speed rail from ever getting off the ground. Political bias of infrastructure projects does not happen in Asia and Europe.

  • This is gonna mean that they will be a overall reduction in capacity on qantas between Australia and San Fransisco unless the melbourne San Fransisco flight frequency is increased to daily

  • they also said that the planned M12 Motorway linking the M7 with badgerys creek airport will not be tolled either

  • Originally Posted by Himeno If Qantas were to keep the YVR seasonals after the removal of the 747 fleet, their options would be to use an A380, divert a 789 from another route or run an A330 via HNL.The JQ788s are unlikely to be used. Apparently, due to their fit out and customized options, they ...

  • Qantas A380 first class to Hong Kong

    Jul 28, 2019, 10:47 AM

    I gave it a go myself and yes first class is being sold.

  • Originally Posted by GregXL SYD-HNL reverts to an A330 in August, unless there is another extension of the 747 of course! My dad who is a 747 qantas captain told me that the 747 will be returning to fly to Honolulu in December

  • San Fransisco (Until december)

  • Originally Posted by dm12 Originally Posted by moa999 Subject to CASA giving them ETOPS 330 approval, I'd expect the 787 to both.Probably upgrade SCL from 4x daily to weekly with the smaller 787, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a PER-JNB or MEL-PER-JNB 330 to supplement a SYD-JNB 787.Also so...