• I would like to see an improvement on stsatus credits. I was almost at the next level then lost a whole chunk of them taking me back to under 50. NOT Happy!

  • Thanks, I will remeber that when upgrading next and know not to bother with these airlines....

  • Malaysia Airlines A380s for Sydney

    Jan 10, 2018, 03:46 PM

    "lesser mortals" LOL - Malaysia Air need to offer a partner rewards program. I also flew with them once and they robbed me of my business class points so i will never fly business with them again unless i really have to!

  • Thanks Chris. Appreciate the info.Yes that is correct. I have the $375/yr platinum.

  • Sorry for my lack of knowledge in these areas - i am a little confused and new to these points systems so i am just learning how to make it worth my while. I am currently amex platinum - with it earning velocity points already - does this automatically give me the status credits option? Or do i ...

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