• High-speed rail now rivals air travel

    Jan 12, 2018, 10:26 AM

    Glady's and her mob cut the railway line 5km from the city so...no trains to Newcastle since 2015

  • Qantas opens London lounge

    Nov 29, 2017, 04:14 AM

    Odd powerpoint choice, they could have installed multi adapters to allow for both UK and AU plugs.

  • How would one learn if there are connecting flight options with QF from Canberra to join this flight? Sri Lanka is gorgeous and I would so love for my extended family to experience the island. Colombo airport, especially the lounge, is not that exciting. No where one would want to look forward to...

  • So what happens if the app shows your bag is not onboard the same aeroplane as you? Seems like this is a process generating information rather than lowering lost / delayed luggage. Would have been better if they identified where the existing baggage information system fail to ensure bags connect ...

  • Entered!BTW "across-the-pond" refers to trans Atlantic, "across the ditch" is trans Tasman.

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  • BA / QF Status Credit question

    May 13, 2017, 01:50 AM

    But I want to go to Dubbo...And yes you are correct, you could do something similar in the good old days of the QF/BA partnership when the points earned on this route with either airway were identical. Start on QF1 / QF31 then switch to BA in Singapore, alas  the Emirati and their oil money

  • BA codeshares with JAL on the SIN-NRT route. I think it is to facilitate easier inter regional traffic for businessmen.

  • Silver status with QFF

    May 10, 2017, 06:54 AM

    I fell back to Bronze in January, first time in 10 years. As luck would have it I was flying with Qatar from Beijing to Budapest. I was in economy. It took an hour of standing in that economy queue to check in. If I had kept silver I could have been sitting down airside instead. But in general no...

  • Qantas FF membership card

    May 10, 2017, 06:48 AM

    When I just fell back to Bronze I cut it up the new one up as I look at it  a credit card and am risk adverse to fraud /theft. I have my 20 year old bronze card to use for now but doubt I will use it for the near future.

  • I went Syd - CDG, FCO - Syd last August with CX using QFF points. The points required was far higher than if I had used QF, I think it consumed an 300 000 points, but the taxes were just $225 or so. If it was me I would firstly look at the options adl - SEA with cash in economy and then  a c...

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