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Hi all

I've had my qantas frequent flyer membership card for a while, apart from qantas cash on the back what else is it used for? I'm bronze most years and silver a couple years but currently bronze so I don't know if your card is useful if you are a higher status tier. 

Andrew Barkery

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Nothing really.
The only good thing about the QFF card with bar code on the back is that for Australian domestic flights, that is all you need to get from gate to plane after having done OLCI.
The QFF card itself is not recognised at shops/stores, but the QCC card on the back can be used like a transaction card at shops/stores.
No bonus points showing the QFF card anywhere, here in Australia or overseas.
No discounts for eg.


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When I just fell back to Bronze I cut it up the new one up as I look at it  a credit card and am risk adverse to fraud /theft. I have my 20 year old bronze card to use for now but doubt I will use it for the near future.


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QFF card is great when flying domestic, especially if you have Q bag tag as well. You can scan it to check in on the kiosks in terminal (however I always check in via the app). But it's great to scan at bag drop to bring up your booking. And then you scan it again at the boarding gate instead of having a printed ticket. 

Of course, if you've already checked in via the app you will have a QR barcode on your boarding pass, and you can use this in all those places too... 


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I use mine to scrape the ice of my windscreen in the morning. As I live in CBR it's needed from about mid May to late August. Works well

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