• Who is crazy enough to spend $395 on a credit card annual fee. That's worth about 40K FF points in itself. It's hardly worth it for the other 10K or fewer points on offer.

  • Missing plugs for the sink, no flannel in the bathroom so you have to use a towel to wash your face and one piece of soap for the sink and the shower (surely soap isn't that expensive?) would be my cleansing gripes to add to the list

  • The solution is easy, just buy Star Alliance tickets instead.

  • Oct 07, 2015, 12:37 PM

    Good to see that Perth travellers are being treated as guinea pigs for the Eastern States so that Virgin can "try this out before we move it to Melbourne or Sydney where you’d want it to work in the most effective way, straight away,”. Obviously Perth travellers are expected to have a...

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