• Will these 777s be quieter than the earlier models? They are very noisy compared to A380 and 787.

  • 777X? Hope they are quieter than the 777s now - so noisy! Recently did SYD/NRT/LAX/NRT/SYD J in three 787s and one 777.

  • I am assuming by your comment that you have not flown domestic F in the USA or domestic J in Europe. Qantas J domestic beats these hands down.

  • A few years ago I was Platinum and flying J SYD/LAX when Qantas was doing a trial of inflight internet. After dinner, I think that there were only 2 of us using it. For most of the flight everybody else in the cabin was asleep and I was the only one trialling (The Cabin Crew kept on checking).Q...

  • I have a problem with the 747!  The noise levels in a 747 are consderably louder than the A380.  Noise dosage is the sound level by length of exposure.  On a SYD/LAX trip, my ears become sore when using over-ear type noise cancelling headphones and I take them off (yes, t...

  • The Future of Coffee

    Jan 24, 2018, 03:36 PM

    The taste or flavour is a consequence of the dark roast. This takes longer than a light roast and in the process, reduces caffeine. And then there is a size of the serve and Arabica vs Robusta. Check outhttps://www.coffee.org/Caffeine-Levels-in-Coffee-How-much-caffeine-in-coffee?view_all

  • The Future of Coffee

    Jan 24, 2018, 03:25 PM

    Wen you say drip filter is not as strong as a long black, surprisingly, dip filter coffee has a much higher caffeine level than a long black. This is mainly due doe the short extraction time of a properly made espresso, as opposed to the drip filter which is longer.