• Flying isn't looking terribly attractive at the moment.

  • I'll never understand why any Executive Traveller reader hates on Virgin (or Qantas) - you've clearly had it too good for too long.VA never did the business traveler justice. Rubbish. It was VA who pushed the transcontinental bar to International J standards for both QF and VA. In the case of QF ...

  • Separate business, not separate company. Or at least that's my understanding.

  • I don't have shares in VA (or QF) so their performance on the ASX means nothing to me. I was elated to see VA go from a LCC to a full-service carrier, and provide real competition to QF. We are ridiculously spoiled in Australia with two excellent airlines. I moved from the UK back to Australia ju...

  • I genuinely don't understand the club mentality. Surely any innovation from one airline benefits everyone as other airlines try to keep up. Unless QF are paying you I don't get the competitive streak in your post.

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