• Qantas keen on gate-to-gate gadgets

    Jul 30, 2014, 07:00 AM

    The main reason would be because Etihad and easyjet + BA operate on different Air Operator's Certificate. For example, Qantas tasman flights (99%) of it allows gate to gate electronics now because the subsidiary Jetconnect operates on the NZ AOC, and CAA has permitted it. Mainline QF does not yet...

  • The additional services provided over Easter and the Ski season will be operated by Jetconnect.

  • Qantas' new uniform

    May 06, 2013, 06:27 AM

    The men will have a waistcoat as an option. It was also shown on the video at 0.29 :-)

  • Virgin Australia's plans for 2013

    Dec 04, 2012, 11:04 AM

    Key alliance partners are more customised and smaller scale cooperation between airlines, they often have their own agreements in terms tickets, baggage, customer benefits, which can vary between each key alliance. Airline alliances in this case the Star Alliance that you refer to is a larger sc...

  • Hi aqua Yes, as per the NZ site you've found, fast bag is available for Gold/GE/Koru members. This is a service available to NZ frequent flyers only. As such service is not offered by DJ to their Gold/Platinum members, it does not get offered by NZ to the Velocity members. The nature of the code...

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  • In addition, VX may be used because AA may not have the most ideal flight times that pair up nicely with the QF LAX inbound flights. The search results should give you flight pairings with QF/AA as well as QF/VX. Hope that helps

  • Not quite. It is simply an interline agreement to increase connection options for customers travelling via LAX. It is not a codeshare agreement as you would notice it only has the VX flight number and no QF flight number. This gives customers more choices of departure and arrival times to DFW if ...

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