• Emirates via Dubai is also one I've tried and quite liked. You end up with roughly 2 x 14hr flights (from Melb) separated with a few hours in the Lounge if you're in Business. Plus on the A380 you get that nice little bar down the back in which to stretch your legs out mid-flight. Hard to beat that!

  • Wondering if anybody knows... does getting the Westpac companion AMEX (now that its issued by AMEX) trigger the 18 month exclusion for other AMEX offers?

  • Cocktails at 40,000 feet

    Jul 15, 2017, 06:55 PM

    They do a great Bloody Mary in the AA lounge at LAX too!

  • Qantas launches its own credit card

    Jun 05, 2017, 04:29 PM

    Seems like their approach here is to be a little better than the competition.... which makes sense. No need to blow everything else out of the water and squeeze your own margins in doing so. Its seems like a reasonably good card. Better earn rate than most Visa/MC, higher limits before it re...

  • Possibly, but there's still going to be a gap in which they'll loose customers to other airlines. The LHR and LAX flights will use up the first 4 787's and with no more coming online until the second half of 2018...More likely they're going to rely on customers booking QF tickets on EK metal for ...

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  • Westpac Altitude cards give you access to PP lounges (2 free per year on the Black).I'm wondering if you could get one and setup the PP membership then later change the card to the QFF program which costs an additional $50 per year. Could achieve what you want if they let you do this.

  • Upgrades from SIN

    Jul 08, 2018, 01:56 PM

    I successfully upgraded on qf38 to Melb mid-week last week as a Silver qff. There was 4 seats free the day prior (according to Expert Flyer) and I was lucky enough... So it's def possible.Having said that though I agree I'd try for one of A380 flights... More overall seats and the option of PE as...

  • I flew Per-Mel in it last week and they definitely made announcements before both takeoff and landing that business seats had to be in the fully upright position. I was a little surprised by this too.

  • I was about to be kicked out of QR business on an award ticket once. I arrived at the airport to be told I was being downgraded. The flight which was always an A330 had been downgraded to an A321 that day and there was a reduced number of J seats.Because we were booked on an award ticket we were ...

  • I used to be the case (and I'm talking about 3 years ago here when I did it) that they would leave open a couple of PE seats that could be selected by any Economy pax on the trans-tasman sector. I did this on a trip to the US and managed to get them for two of us in both directions. I held no sta...

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