• I signed up for this status match as I do a monthly trip MEL-PER I missed the A330 with VA. All was looking good to complete by June 30, but the Melbourne lockdown has now seen a MEL-PER-MEL trip deferred to July.  Is QF likely to provide a one month extension in recognition of the lockdown?

  • I've been Velocity Pt since 2011 and will really miss the wide body jets MEL-PER, that's whenever Perth open the border again. I do wonder how QF will react to the reduced competition and traffic volumes, there may not be a big difference between QF and VA 2.0. Some legs rests at the point end...

  • I flew Virgin America several times LAX-SFO in front row of Main cabin (economy)I looked enviously at the white business seat with foot rests and leg support, VA 2.0 please take noteLoved the food service as it was ordered from seat back screen menu either prepaid by ticket or with credit card o...

  • Yes make flying VA fun again, I've been a Velocity Pt for 7+ years and experienced the E-jets and the original A330 ex Emirates. The crew were more fun then, even in J on the A330. Perhaps the service became too polished to differentiate in the Aussie market. Please keep wide body aircraft an...

  • I'm a Pt VA flyer based in MEL and see great advantages in this service I have previously used the BNE-VLI VA service which in bad weather can offload pax to allow for possible diversion however the Air Vanuatu B737 service is RPN equipped so no weather diversions for them

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  • Health screening/questions

    Mar 26, 2021, 04:17 PM

    I've flown MEL to LST, HBA and ADL in the last few monthsTassie and ADL have immigration queues where the usual COVID questions are asked and permit checkedReturn MEL on three occasions results in no permit check and no visible permit check facilities

  • Cancelled bar service fails

    Oct 17, 2018, 08:17 PM

    To close my rant I received a sensible answer from VA: "No second bar service if the fight duration is less than 4 hours"

  • Cancelled bar service fails

    Oct 05, 2018, 09:52 PM

    The Virgin Perth-Melbourne flight was smooth and without bad weather, crew service was goodI waited for the second economy class bar service ...The second service didn't come.About 45 mins out from Melbourne I asked a flight attendant about the second service.The f/a told me that "the Captain had...

  • Air NZ Business Reward Seats

    Apr 17, 2017, 12:29 PM

    my investigation so far shows availability of economy reward seats but none for business

  • Air NZ Business Reward Seats

    Apr 17, 2017, 12:27 PM

    I'm planning a trip to East coast Australia to Buenos Aires I have Velocity points which I can transfer to Kris Flyer and request a Star Alliance Business reward seat on ANZHas anyone had experience with purchasing an ANZ Biz reward seat using this method?

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