Cancelled bar service fails

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The Virgin Perth-Melbourne flight was smooth and without bad weather, crew service was good

I waited for the second economy class bar service ...

The second service didn't come.

About 45 mins out from Melbourne I asked a flight attendant about the second service.

The f/a told me that "the Captain had cancelled the service due to bad weather around Melbourne"

Frankly this fails the "pub test" .

I have flown many airlines over the last 40 years and my experience is that the service still operates in turbulent weather with an announcement there will be no hot drinks.

Has any other member experienced similar ?


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When I want a drink I just ask for one.

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Virgin aircraft have this nifty new invention. The call button. I like it because it will call a flight attendant and I can request a drink when I feel like one.


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To give some credit to the OP... As Platinum on the PER SYD in economy X (A330) they wouldn't serve the 4 Pines til the second drinks service despite asking multiple times (as suggested). Had to get though some Tooheys dishwater before getting the good stuff. The struggle IS real! :)

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To close my rant I received a sensible answer from VA: "No second bar service if the fight duration is less than 4 hours"

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