• Sounds like CBA signed a bad contract with AMEX that didn't let them wiggle out :P

  • New York is another place they could consider doing this

  • New hotel credit card surcharges

    Sep 03, 2016, 01:44 AM

    Looks like everyone has just taken this as an excuse to raise the AMEX fee. The laws state they can charge the lowest fee of all cards rather than the exact per card type - which it seems they were already doing. Seems for 90% here the Visa/MC rate stayed the same but AMEX moved up to its own rat...

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  • I called up about this today, planning a flight 7 days after my anniversary date to hit Gold for the first time (so 700 SCs, not 600).  Despite earning all 700 in 8 months (February-September), they won't do anything about it.Seems the only way they can do something is if you have half the f...

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