Qantas FF: changing anniversary year renewal date?

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Qantas FF: changing anniversary year renewal date?


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So my question is:

I'm currently QF Platinum, with my anniversary year ending on 31 August.

I will have enough SC to keep platinum by the end of July.

I am doing a return Sydney to London Business Class flight in August, and it seems a waste of SC which will expire at the end of August.

Has anyone been  successful in having their anniversary year pushed a month out?  I'd like it to be 31 July rather than 31 August.


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You cannot change your anniversary year.

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You can't go changing the rules of an FF program to suit your own needs, seems common sense really.


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I agree, imagine the screams if this happened the other way and QF moved people anniversary dates. If a person feels their status credits will be of no value think about changing airlines for that flight and getting some sort of status with a rival carrier, nothing to lose.


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I've faced this problem several times over the years.  I don't know if you can change anniversary date (doubt it).

But its not a total loss.

I forget the exact status credit requirement, but those August unrequired Status credits you'll get for return to London may get you over the line for the mid-Platinum bonus - extra 50,000 FF points or Gold Status for one of your loved ones (or free parking from memory).  So it might not be a total loss. And if you're just short, maybe  a quick top up flight in Australia to get you over the line will be worth doing?  I usually take the extra 50,000 FF points (which is a one way upgrade on A380 to LAX or Dallas.


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Good luck!

Keep in mind, going way over as you will gives you a good defence next year if you come up short. I've made this arguement before (when I've come up short) and as has another poster on this site. 


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Ok thanks for the info.  I'll keep it in mind on 31 August 2017 if I  come up short to retain Platinum.

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The only way to change your membership year is to receive partner Gold or Platinum status. As you're already a Platinum member, that won't work for you, so the best you can do is earn those status credits towards your lifetime tally, or send them to another program.


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It is possible, I did it last July, however my reasons were different. The short answer is to set up a new FF account.

I was coming back to Qantas after a number of years flying with the other carrier and my FF status was bronze. My first month of flying with Qantas (Aug 15) would have seen approximately 600 SC wasted due to the existing review date being 31 Aug.  The only way I was able to change the review date was to create a new QFF account in Jul 15, then called Qantas to get them to migrate all my old account information to the new one including points and LT SC (I had no annual SC at the time). It took a bit of explanation and convincing but the agent accommodated my request. The up side, I did not waste the 600 SC for this year. Down side having to change all the FF number associated with Credit Cards, Woolworths etc, joined date is now Jul 15 rather than Aug 92 and had to remember a new FF number. Would I try it again, probably not.

Before doing this Qantas advised that they would not change the review date, even though I was trying to pull it forward.


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I called up about this today, planning a flight 7 days after my anniversary date to hit Gold for the first time (so 700 SCs, not 600).  Despite earning all 700 in 8 months (February-September), they won't do anything about it.

Seems the only way they can do something is if you have half the flight before the anniversary date, or are a very small number of points short (10-20).

Only upside was that the lady on the phone was very helpful, patient and happy to discuss it.

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