• I wouldn't be betting on a vaccine getting us back to "normal" (I'm a doctor). 1. There is no guarantee that a successful vaccine will be produced. 2. If there is, it will take 12 - 18 month to test safety and efficacy. 3. Vaccinating everyone in the world will be logistically impossible (even...

  • Stayed there over Xmas with the family. Fantastic resort, and one of the few places in Asia that you can drink the tap water and is Zika-free.

  • My wife and I are booked on the direct MLB-TLV flight next month. Hopefully it won't get cancelled. Have travelled many times via BKK and HKK, and am looking forward to saving time (at least 7 hrs less including layover) with the direct flight. I am happier with their security than other airlin...

  • I was referring to Qantas flights of course

  • You guys in Sydney are worried about the breakfast? At least you get direct flights. Asia flights from Melbourne are few and far between, and in the case of Bangkok, non-existent unless you want to fly Jetstar. Thai have a great food service.

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