10 years on, has the Qantas-Emirates partnership delivered?

We ask readers for their take on the alliance between Qantas and Emirates…

By David Flynn, February 2 2023
10 years on, has the Qantas-Emirates partnership delivered?

April 2023 marks the tenth anniversary of the alliance between Qantas and Emirates – and while arriving as a seismic shock, it’s since become an entrenched part of the Australian airline scene.

It helped Qantas unlock scores of destinations across Europe, the UK and South Africa by directing passengers onto Emirates’ extensive network – and, for the first five years, even saw Dubai replace Singapore as the stopover point for Qantas’ own Kangaroo Route to London.

“The premise of our partnership with Emirates has always been that no airline can fly everywhere but combined we can fly to most of the places our joint customers want to travel to, and that we treat each other’s customers as our own,” says Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce.

As a result, even the most rusted-on Red Roo flyers have been exposed to and often become accustomed to the Emirates brand and its inflight experience.

It helped that Emirates worked hard to woo high-ranking Qantas frequent flyers in the early years through regularly upgrading them to business class and even first class.

The imminent return of Emirates’ Airbus A380 to the Sydney-Christchurch route will once again deliver the best business class across the pond, with the bonus of access to the Qantas First Lounge in Sydney or Melbourne and the option of a brief but indulgent spell in the superjumbo’s first class suites.

Long-standing perks include reciprocal lounge access to many (but not all) Emirates lounges for Qantas frequent flyers, along with other travel conveniences such as boosted luggage allowances and priority boarding. 

Avid collectors of Qantas points and status credits can also enjoy a full serve of both by booking Emirates flights as a Qantas flight-numbered codeshare service.

However, while you can use Qantas Points to book those Emirates flights, you still can’t apply those same points for an upgrade.

Given that the Qantas-Emirates partnership is now up for a further five-year extension through to 2028, we’re interested in hearing from Executive Traveller readers on how the alliance has impacted their travels.

  • Have you increased your flying on Emirates, perhaps at the expense of Qantas?
  • Have differences in suites, seats and service – such as Emirates first and business class, and inflight WiFi – swayed your travel decisions?
  • Are you finding the perks of Qantas Platinum or Gold come in handy at Dubai and other airports, as well as inflight on Emirates – and are there any wrinkles which, a decade on, still need to be ironed out?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

14 Sep 2012

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1. For flying to Europe I prefer EK flights because of the extensive schedules and A380 options. Great that you can book the QF flight number for FF status + points, so I guess yes this is at the expense of the QF flight (which only goes to UK).

2. Business class I think the products on both EK/QF are their own, my preference is QF. First class EK (especially the A380) is 6 star with the lounges at DXB, inflight service, F&B is truly outstanding and the showers are of course a knock out. QF could improve their F Class focusing on F&B, this is where EK really shines. 

3. As QF Platinum, I appreciate getting access to the EK F lounge at DXB (when travelling in business class) and especially being about to use QF points for EK F/J reward tickets.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

09 Mar 2017

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Definitely agree with your comment about QF F&B. Having been privileged to fly EK and QF in F and J, QF lags so far behind imo. EK dining is something to look forward to. Always impeccably presented and super tasty, and with a huge  choice especially in F. 

EK’s 380 showers and all new F in some 777s is unrivalled, and makes QF F look like J class at best. EK do luxury so well whereas QF tend to do the more laid-back Aussie style which others may prefer, but I don’t. I am not loaded and don’t live this way normally so am grateful that my work pays for these flights. So stepping into that different world on EK is a thrill for me. 

It’s a huge shame QF charges such a premium to fly on the same EK metal just to accrue those FF points and SCs. Sometimes the fares differ by thousands in F and J. 

I do wish the limo benefits applied on EK even using QF FF classic rewards, but maybe that’s just me being greedy… but that used to exist. Can you bring it back please EK?

I’ve always found EK crew and ground staff truly recognise my QF status as if it’s their own. Even on EK boarding passes I show as EK platinum (even though I’m only QF platinum or P1). That reflects true reciprocal recognition imo. 

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

05 Oct 2015

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Totally agree with AT on all points.

The A380 is always the best choice, especially first.  In Business I prefer QF, I find the EK seats way too tight for business (what's with that silly mini bar on each business seat EK, who needs it, just takes up room).

All the other points, as per AT's comments.

19 Dec 2022

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do miss the limo service when you book QF business on Emirates metal

Am sure this has changed but when the QF-EK alliance began I was working in a company which specified Qantas as 'preferred airline' and it was hard work to justify to the TA to book on another airline, so any flight to Europe meant flying QF to London and then backtracking on BA. As soon as the QF codeshares began on EK I was able to have the TA book those QF8xxxx flights, which was a total game changer for my work trips to Europe and even to other cities in the UK than London. So from that perspective Ek has been a big winner, and I think overall it gained a lot more from the partnership than Qantas did.


21 Jul 2011

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I don’t find EK to my liking so actively avoid it, but have flown it a bit recently because if the routes I was on. I was in F and J which reinforced my position. But I know everything is subjective and I know some people like the experience. 

I feel DXB is also pretty average - I don’t understand why people think the Flounges are any good there. They feel like barns with average food and lots of walking involved  

QF flights on EK are never competitive price wise and since I pay my own way I’d connect in BKK or SIN to QR or AY any day. 

So for me, I’d say it hasn’t been a bonus.  I wish QF played with QR, which I find much better on every level esp DOH and their Flounge.  Then I’d be keen 

Etihad - Etihad Guest

21 Jul 2019

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I agree with you on every single point. My preferred ME airlines have always been Qatar, Etihad, Emirates, in that order. And the difference between Emirates and the other two is big. DXB is efficient, but has no feeling. I don't feel excited about that airport or the lounges like I do with say, Changi and SQ. And the big one: airfare cost. Totally agree that QF pricing on EK is unattractive to people like me who are 'non-business' Business Class pax, and pay their own way for premium cabins. The tie-up yielded no benefits to me. Actually, it made me realize how much I liked transiting thru Changi which is why I switched largely to SQ and their local partner Virgin Australia. And now that Qatar has tied up with Virgin Australia, I'm in 7th Heaven!

29 Mar 2017

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Fully agree with you.  I found Emirates service to be very inconsistent  it really depend on the cabin crew you got on the day.  Their business class product is starting to feel like the BA product of 2000 - great when it was introduced but now looking a bit dated.  It is time Qantas management seriously think about burying the hatchet with Qatar.  What was the major source of complaint - the number of Emirates flights because of the strategic alliance.

24 Aug 2011

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The connections offered by EK are amazing and something QF could never match on their own.

The service on EK is at least as good as QF and often better.  The A380 offers a great passenger experience in all classes; the 777 isn't so good with an ordinary J class, no W class and a cramped Y seat (though no worse than the Y seat on a QF 787).

Sadly DXB is a bit of a zoo.  It offers lots of connections but connecting through it is seldom a pleasant experience particularly as it is often the middle of the night or very early in the morning and it just feels so much harder than somewhere like SIN.

The lounges at DXB are extensive and enable you to escape the worst of the terminal crush.  Having said that, none of the Business Class lounges could ever be called quiet escapes....never been fortunate enough to access the F lounges though imagine having the J Class lounge look down on you must be annoying.

24 Oct 2010

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(Just a quick note for those wondering what those J, W and Y references made by reeves35 mean: they're airline-industry shorthand for business, premium economy and economy, respectively.)

I definitely trace the start of my Emirates flying to 2010 after the Qantas announcement, but I didn't like the way the journey was split into a long 14hr leg to Dubai and then a short 7-8hr leg to Europe, although that depended of course on the timing of the flights you chose. These days I prefer SQ because it swaps that around, a nice short leg to Singapore especially in the daytime and then you can sleep most of the way to Europe.

Agree. It depends where you want to do the "long leg". I prefer 8 hours to Singapore or 9 to Tokyo/Bangkok, followed by the 13 or so to Europe. After 14 to DXB, the 8 or so to London or Paris feels interminable! Probably just me.

08 May 2020

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Connections are great, still the only way you can get to much of Europe with only 1 change.  The business class on 777 is becoming increasingly outdated though - I hope they continue modernising.

05 Mar 2015

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Count me in as somebody who got a LOT of upgrades during the first years of the QF-EK partnership due to my Qantas status! Definitely preferred Emirates A380 business class over Qantas, which then still had the old 2-2-2 drooping SkyBeds and of course Emirates has that wonderful bar which makes the hours fly by. So yes, this definitely changed my travel habits in favour of Emirates.

15 Jul 2016

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Exactly the same.  I was P1 when the partnership started.  Upgraded to first over 20 times in 5 years.  Lived in Hong Kong so not many Qantas options.  The bar is the game changer for me, particularly when flying with colleagues of mates.  A lot a fun had.

Emirates is ok, find DXB a crammed airport which doesn't make travelling stress free. 

The product disparity between QF and EK makes the relationship misaligned, but this is more of a failure on the Qantas end. QF has become very irrelevant to me and my family. 

07 May 2015

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Disappointing we still can't use Qantas Points for an upgrade on Emirates flights, and the Qantas access to Emirates lounges is a bit patchwork, doesn't apply to all Emirates lounges around the world.

Speaking for myself, I've flown Emirates a few times but honestly prefer Qatar Airways for the Qsuites and also because I find QR's Avios very useful for using on BA flights in the UK and to Europe.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

16 Jan 2018

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In the early years when the partnerships started, it was great as I could easily find EK flights with QF8XXX flight numbers (for SC) to Europe, with stopover in SIN and DBS which made the journey a lot easier (about 3 chunks of 8-hour ish flights), especially if you are in Y.

But since COVID, I found the partnership useless. I can hardly find QF8XXX with Emirates to Europe anymore, except on award bookings, while QF metal price (to Europe) is so not competitive, especially for W. So I somehow started to switch my alliance to other airlines nowadays, still within OneWorld, but just not QF or EK.

Emirates Airlines - Skywards

25 Aug 2012

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All great points. I first started flying with Emirates in 2005 and loved the A330-600. Then I would book EK just for the A380 and the bar. However I've noticed incremental decline in the quality of F&B over the years.

23 Aug 2011

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I am QF Platinum and flew EK in November MEL/NBO/MEL, J class service was okay but F&B not up to QF standard, main meal was served in china doggy dishes. Midnight departure out NBO, 777, 2x2x2 seating, very difficult to sleep. Overall QF service on the 787 PER/FCO/PER in August light years ahead.


19 Sep 2013

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Have booked my next UK J flight EK codeshare, but only because Qatar was too expensive. Found the Dubai lounge overcrowded a few years ago, and was unhappy to have the A380 downgraded to the old and noisy 777 J seat. Still, will always try to fly in A380s - love them. And from Perth, EK is a great choice.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

02 Apr 2017

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I'm in the minority in that I preferred Dubai as a transit point - mainly because most of my travels are to Africa, the Mid East and Central Asia, so Singapore is fairly useless as a connection option for me.

The first few years of the partnership were the only times I ever flew Qantas internationally, as it was now a viable option to the Middle East. I was sad when they stopped serving the Dubai route, as I probably did prefer them to Emirates (though I like both, I like Etihad and Qatar as well).

I now redeem basically all my Qantas points on Emirates, Qatar (though damn these flights are hard to find now) and Jordanian. It was/s great to have sooo many options in the region.


03 May 2013

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Emirates has declined over the years but regardless the product, esp the catering, is overall better than that of Qantas. The Emirates first class offering is chalk and cheese compared with Qantas. A partnership with Qatar would have been a win-win, although the service difference between Qatar and that of Qantas would have been even more stark. The Qantas offering is woeful in comparison. Catering on both Emirates and Qatar is vastly superior. Still the SC and points advantages of being able to book a QF flight on Emirates metal is still a positive move and much better value for money.

American Airlines - AAdvantage

13 Jul 2015

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The partnership has felt like nothing since covid. Award availability on EK through QF is impossible to find. The same cannot be said when searching on Emirates on website or through their other partners. 

I haven't seen the advantage to book through Qantas if I wanted to fly Qantas for some time anyways, and I actually forgot they were partners. 

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

02 Aug 2017

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Big downer is not being able to use Qantas Club membership when flying with EK to access the EK lounges outside of DXB. Given QF has used the partnership effectively to hive off all of its customers to EK when flying to Europe from Australia, I think it is disappointing that I can't use the Qantas Club membership at the start of the journey back home to Australia from Europe.

The new Emirates premium Economy is streets ahead of QF so when added to the schedule it's Emirates before QF for me now. 

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

03 Feb 2023

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I fly to Vienna in Austria, often. I find the QF/EK flight one of the best connections possible - depart Sydney at 06.00 hrs, and arrive in Vienna just before 20.00 hrs the same day (long day though). QF Gold allows me to  use the Business lounge in DXB with all its offerings. The business lounge in Vienna is also open to me for my return. One of the downside is that the lounge in Sydney does not open until 05.00 hrs and boarding begins around 05.15 hrs. The queue of people at the door of the lounge at 05.00 would mean about 15 minutes before I would even get into the lounge!

The other main downside is that I can't use my QF points to upgrade on the EK machines. That could be something Qantas could look at if renewing the contract.

04 Jan 2023

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My experience has been limited to flights between Australia and NZ so to go from Business EK on the 380 to the disgusting QF business on 737's has been awful.  I decided a few months ago never again and will be looking for any alternative to QF next time.

10 May 2020

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Definitely. I would never fly EK if it wasn't for the QF points (always QF flight numbers of course!).

In the beginning it was great, cause we could we all fly Emirates who have better services, lounges and plane and get the same points and status credits.   Then Qantas worked out people were picking Emirates a lot more than Qantas, even flying extra hours.   So they reduced the points and status credits, rather than fixing the poor service, standard lounges and very poorly configured planes in first and business

In the beginning it was great, cause we could we all fly Emirates who have better services, lounges and plane and get the same points and status credits.   Then Qantas worked out people were picking Emirates a lot more than Qantas, even flying extra hours.   So they reduced the points and status credits, rather than fixing the poor service, standard lounges and very poorly configured planes in first and business

The Emirates Limo service on both ends is a winner

Adelaide has been abandoned by the EK-QF partnership. First Qantas handballed international flights to Emirates and now Emirates have cut all flights since 2020, leaving poor point earning options with Qatar or Malaysia. The new Qatar-Virgin partnership is much better & will definitely drive me to use Virgin over Qantas.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

07 Sep 2022

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I'm from Adelaide too and you're quite right...all it's succeeded in doing is alienating any kind of partnership with Qantas & Qatar to such a degree that you can no longer find any Qatar Classic Reward seats on Qantas...I too wish I could swap my Qantas FF points for Virgin to be able to access Qatar seats!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

03 Jun 2022

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My wife and I have flown both partners many times in Business Class to European destinations. I don’t see a great distinction between the two services on board or inside the lounges. The biggest advantage is the access across Europe with EK.   

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

07 Sep 2022

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Not so sure it's worked or indeed working now! Emirates taxes for Classic Reward flights have gone through the roof...would much prefer a Qantas/Qatar closer relationship but can't see this happening unfortunately! The Qantas/Emirates partnership has only succeeded in alienating the Qatar One World relationship with Qantas!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

06 Oct 2016

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Originally I was flying on the company contracted to Qantas and an EK A380 absolutely killed the QF Skybed alternative, but over the last 8 years 75% of my international travel is me paying, and I have putting most of my cash with SQ who were running 4 flights a day from MEL with better timing for my needs. (And despite everyone else hating the SQ "flip seats" I love the extra width)

So, for me, the overall reduction of service to MEL through the partnership has seen me move away from trying to hold QFF status, If I am using another OneWorld carrier, I will still credit the points, but since I am in J I already have Lounge access and domestic I just choose Virgin to get a lounge.


12 Apr 2013

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I never like this "marriage" that looks to me as slavery and it was much relieve for me when QF start flying via SIN and PER. All aside just one thing - pork was banned to and from DXB. Qantas says that it is because Qantas respect customs where they flying to and for example serving Asian food when flying to Asia. It is fine, but for example JAL serving Australian food when flying to Australia (I personally prefer exclusively Japanese food when flying JAL) while Emirates never did anything except of Arabic food. I have nothing wrong against Arabic food or Arabic customs, but you have the idea. Also I was not particular sold with EK service and their interior in business with plastic-fantastic wood was looking kinda childish. Ditto their uniform. For QF (because of it relatively small size) it is very difficult to pick up a "partner" and not became the slave. I would be really really happy if they make arrangement with Finnair to all indirect flights to Europe (i.e. except routes like PER-LHR). Changing plane second time is not that big deal - AY known for fastest transition and considering Earth curvature it is pretty much the same time-wise. In return (no pun!) one will have two breaks with two lounges access plus potentially sauna in HEL (no pun!)

I hope to fly to UK in May and have flights held with Emirates, MEL to MAN and BUD to MEL.  It depends on whether I can get a cruise in Europe.  The big advantage for me is the limo transfer as I'm using a wheely walker.  I flew with them 8 years ago and the limo was really good--that was 12 weeks post hip replacement and I took one crutch with me.  I must say I prefer the A380 to the 777.


28 Sep 2022

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Emirates is useless nowdays, the taxes/fuel surcharges make the reward flights not worth it, and if you're paying full price, SQ is significantly cheaper and better quality for J.

Emirates Airlines - Skywards

19 Jan 2018

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I'm surprised by how many on here are poo-pooing EK... I absolutely love EK's A380 J class... who doesn't love a stand-up bar at the back of the plane?! I don't give a rats bum about the QF/EK alliance - I've gone rogue and pretty much only fly EK now (on an EK ticket earning EK points/miles). As far as I'm concerned QF's standards (in all aspects) are way behind those of EK. Although admittedly it's been that long since I've flown QF I wouldn't really know if they've picked up their game or not? I suspect not! And okay so EK's A380 J class is probably getting a little tired now (but still great), although I'm sure I read somewhere (on Executive Traveller) that they're upgrading their A380's F & J class bit by bit, but I don't think any of them are flying out of MEL yet? David... do you have intel on that?  


12 Apr 2013

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It is nothing wrong to buy EK ticket on EK metal and earn EK points if you like it of course. However it is something wrong to force me to fly on EK metal when I clearly prefer QF one.

Travel frequently domestically, overseas only once/twice a year. Most trips to Europe, esp ATH to visit relatives, all on Y which I pay myself. Makes no sense to go via London, so a Middle East connection is as good as SIN. 

Found EK pretty good in most occasions. Due to QF status, always travel QF8xxx, don’t travel Etihad or Qatar.

Would like to see using QF points for upgrades, for me this is a must. Food is average, DBX lounge is very nice but with average food choices. Having a shower always makes a difference. Ability to carry extra luggage weight reciprocally is a big plus. On board service is average to good, don’t have many expectations in Y class. Love the 380s too, although seats are a bit tight. Service has definitely declined over the years, same happened with SQ and other airlines over time though. 

All in all, 7/10 for the alliance. I just hope one day QF would fly direct from SYD to ATH or FCO or IST etc, so a connection to Southern Europe is not simple via London.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

18 Jan 2017

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As a lifetime Gold flyer with Qantas and now Platinum for many years, the service I get on QF flights is excellent. Now Gold on EK and soon Platinum, I also find the service excellent.

I use QF for the USA, Asia and Africa, while EK is for Dubai and Europe.  I love this partnership. It works great for me.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

29 Apr 2016

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Recently flew Brisbane to Athens and return in economy.

The return trip was via Singapore where I transferred to Qantas to Brisbane.

The difference between Emirates and Qantas economy was so different that I doubt that Jetstar would be as bad as the Qantas flight.

The cabin crew was all male and terrible as was the food offering.

The A330 was disgusting. It looked like it hadn't been cleaned since it came out of covid mothballs.

I toilet was U/S the others were a disgrace.

And to top it off we were 2 hours late departing Singapore, with not one apology.

So which airline would I choose between Emirates and Qantas? 

I am a QF FF Silver. 

Maybe it was just a bad day for Qantas, but they really do need to be better because on that trip there was no comparison.


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

13 Dec 2016

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I have been flying-self funded on business class from LHR to Perth for several years-and have chosen Emirates above Qantas for two main reason-the chauffeur car service is incredibly useful, and when I book my ticket, I can immediately choose my seat .Qantas appears to block seats in business class-so I flew in a seat on the non stop flight, in a cold corner of the 787 cabin with no overhead locker available, and was uncomfortable for the entire flight. My choice of food was not available, as it was salmon ,which was "always popular" according to the steward-so poor planning, also plays a part in my decision. So on balance, the partnership worked at first, but once Qantas dropped the car service, I opted for Emirates. 


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

13 Aug 2016

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Unless your trips are to the US, in my opinion, the merger was like was a shark merging with a fish.  All my trips are to the Middle East, so it's alway EQ. Despite being a Gold QFF, it's been impossible to use Qantas points to obtain Business or First class seats, so I have now joined Emirates program. 


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

28 Aug 2015

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In the early days I resented the fact that I was being forced to transit through DXB. Since QF reverted back to SIN I find it better to have the choice.

Based on flight times I now tend to fly on EK out of BNE on the evening departure for a lunchtime arrival into Europe, but the QF double overnight trip back to Aus as it works best for me in terms of jet lag. 

Only issue for me is the lack of opportunity to use QF points to upgrade on EK and now absence of any kind of reward seats in premium cabins through QF FF program. 

Service wise I find both a bit hit and miss but overall I find EK a bit more consistent. 


17 Jan 2018

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The EK mini bar is a waste if space. The same is available in most budget hotels in Singapore. It doesn't even have a beer in it. It should contain miniature spirits and mixers then it would be worthwhile. 

25 Jun 2021

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My first QANTAS points were used in 2018, booked with Emirates, Biz and 1st class to the UK from BNE. I have since tried to go with a Emirates flight when possible with points. Emirates Biz class is 100% better than QANTAS, sure the gold and wood look is getting dated now but it still offers better value all round. I have flown QANTAS BIz class twice in the last 6 months and its still very average, for that reason i joined Skywards and have a 1st class to the UK this year, using up my QANTAS points return on QF2 in 1st. It will be very interesting to see the difference in both these 1st class offerings. I have also never had a bad experience with Emirates they are a few steps above QANTAS.

21 Aug 2019

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In a minority who miss DXB stop. Can use F Lounge which is a very pleasant place to be. Changi QF F lounge is fine but given the quick transit, one barely has enough time there. Changi is great airport but for regular trips, monthly, to UK I tend more often to transit on QF through Perth and straight to London. 

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

21 Jul 2013

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I have flown to Europe many times in Emirates Business Class, usually via a QF8*** booking. I like them a lot, although I think Qantas is OK too. I prefer Emirates food offerings to the pared back trendiness of the Neil Perry QF alternative, and the EK lounge in DBX is good. Food is fine, and as I am in the wine business, those DBX lounges sometimes amaze me with the wines they pour. Mount Mary Quintet, Bordeaux classed growths, white burgundy.

Not much mentioned here is Emirates economy class. I have travelled to New Zealand many times and always go economy, the Emirates trans-Tasman service is vastly better than QF in my experience. 

26 Oct 2017

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For those of us who live in Adelaide, the partnership has meant that we can't fly international out of Adelaide on Qantas metal. I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but it's especially inconvenient (for example) when a DSC offer requires flying on Qantas metal. Adelaideans then have to fly to some other capital city before they can leave the country. While the Emirates in-flight quality is excellent, Dubai airport in too busy and too soulless, plus I tend to get off-loaded at the dusty outer perimeter of the airport and then bussed to the terminal. I'd love to see Qantas bring international service back to Adelaide -- perhaps when we finally get a Business Class lounge?

We can't even fly Emirates out of Adelaide now. So it's either a flight to Perth & change terminals, or fly the wrong way to Melbourne. Rumour has it Adelaide may restart international services when Qantas starts getting A220 & A321 planes but time will tell.

28 Mar 2018

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I'm a QF lifetime Gold and multi year Platinum, earned through economy flying. Virtually all my Europe flying has been on EK using QF flight number since the alliance was announced. 

Platinum recognition is consistent on EK. 

I'm ambivalent on Dubai airport. Avoiding Heathrow to fly direct to regional UK is a huge bonus. 

Down back, I prefer EK to QF. As far as economy class goes, it is hard to better the Emirates A380 experience. 

Not for me, I avoid Qantas at almost all cost (bad experiences, maybe unlucky).

Prefer EK (only wish we could use their miles for longer, lost 180 000 miles ha ha...)

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

05 Oct 2016

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Delivering? Not for me. I completely fail to understand what they see in EK and why on earth they do not strengthen the agreement with QR. QR walks all over EK and I've flown them many times in business and first. I've flown EK twice both in the last 8 months, and completely disenchanted. Here is why (disclaimer - some arrogant first world issues noted here I realize, but I am paying for the relevant class after all!):

- I'm QF platinum so able to access the first class lounges at DXB - lounges are OK but nothing special, certainly not a first class experience. Wooden unrefined service. The showers are horrendous! Tiny sweaty boxes, can't shut the door with the baggage in the way, which fills all the floor space, no basins/mirrors - after the shower you have to finish up out in the public space.

- Liquids duty free at DXB are 'confiscated' and checked under - enormously painful wait at AU end when only having carry on baggage. (this rule is the same at Abu Dhabi)

- Onboard service in business class is not refined and polished, including the meal/drink service, in some instances a little unprofessional. I hate the way they waltz up prior to landing and demand the mattress and blanket back! I like to use them all the way to landing... And the EK mini bar should be replaced with storage and the crew should be more inclined to keep offering drinks instead.

- DXB is just a heaving mass of people and too big... Also the boarding and security experience didn't separate classes very well.

- I do love A380s but last time, the First pax took so long to exit, that by the time business was allowed off, the Econ pax were already streaming down the concourse to fill up customs.

Here is why they should be working with QR instead - aside of the fact they're OW already...:

- DOH is a great airport. And the lounges are a super classy experience; in fact in business class I've been treated like first class. They also handle premium classes better at security.

- Onboard service is far more refined, I've had nothing but perfect experiences in the meal service down to the little details.

- Liquids duty free is not handled like DXB - you can take it on board.

- The connection options of QR to worldwide destinations in reality are virtually the same compared to EK. Anyway I bet that wherever EK flies that QR does not, is probably rarely utilised by QF customers. They probably book directly with EK trying to save money.... QR would give perfectly good coverage in place of EKs route map IMO.

- I note that many are referring to using the QF8xxx numbers for full serve of SCs and points. This of course would be defunct if QF partnered fully with their OW option QR - you should get the same then, as you do on BA and AA.

- It's also not QR's fault there is no QF reward seats available... it's a result of the poor relationship/(no) agreement...

Please... AJ bye bye and the next CEO dump EK for QR.

On the topic of QF although it's not exactly the question here - my main issues with them are offboard (bookings/checkin/airport/call centre etc). Onboard, I generally get treated very well by the crew and also in the lounges. I actually think in many respects they're better than EK...

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