• So outraged, I wont fly Qantas again unless I have to. Already have lifetime GOLD. But this is the final straw. The service is poor and getting worse in Business anyway.

  • Absolutely true, a slap in your face. Olivia Worth needs to be frog marched out. She does not understand loyalty, probaly came from her partners backstabbing in Labor Caucus.

  • I was booked in Business on a Qantas A380 flight to USA and they cancelled the flight and me on another airline, whose seats, service and lounge were very sub standard. They they wont give me my points of SC. They like to piss off customers

  • Qantas has to be kidding, 75,000 status credits for Lifetime Platinum. That is a joke . Like 313 return trips to USA in Business.They should have made it 21,000. 7,000 for Lifetime Silver, 14,000 for Gold and 21,000 for Platinum.What about the people who have lifetime Gold, that travelled on...

  • I travelled in Business on QF yesterday and it was supper in a box. McDonalds presents better

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  • Qantas A380 refurb schedule

    Jul 03, 2019, 03:18 PM

    QF is way too slow on the A380 upgrades, the current seats are terrible and some of the buttons don't work on the armrest and on the top of the shell, when reclined. Having been on several A380's with QF of late, they also need to actively mix the crew up. They are too interested in themselves an...

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