• Emirates Paid Upgrades

    Feb 06, 2019, 02:42 PM

    Has anyone ever purchased a oneway upgrade on departure with EK. it would be from Y to J?Looking at the AM flight Mel/Dxb.

  • I am fan of QF fly with them regularly, Gold and just about to make P, but I think the domestic service these days can be a bit hit and miss. The welcome back can or cannot happen, the crew can be friendly or just do there job.The catering on short haul J is very average and unless someone else ...

  • QF will go for 6-8 F class on the ULR and that is why Boeing and Airbus will take a while to come up with the right aircraft, not to forget the engines, doubt whether QF would ever go for RR again. The config will be premium heavy; 6-8 F, minimum 70 J and 60 PE an...

  • Lounge options South Africa

    Aug 14, 2018, 09:35 AM

    Traveled Mel/Lhr/Jnb/Dur/Jnb/Syd/Mel, 2 months ago.I am OW Gold was travelling PE and Y, used the Slow lounge in Johannesburg and Durban BA[Comair] Y, and the BA J lounge Johannesburg,. QF direct pax to the Shongololo lounge JNB. I thought that Slow lounges were okay for domestic lounges, good ...

  • Qantas and One World becoming a joke

    Jul 16, 2018, 10:39 AM

    What a rant, just enroll in Enrich and fly Aust/KL direct!QFF isn't for everyone but it sure beats a lot of other programms.