Emirates to keep most Airbus A380s, says Sir Tim Clark

The A380 will be Emirates' flagship for years to come says the airline's president, although many...

Emirates suspends chauffeur drive service until April 2021

Another coronavirus cutback emerges and knocks some shine off the premium passenger experience.

Coronavirus impact: Emirates cuts first class service

Covid-19 takes a little lustre off flying in Emirates' first class and business class.

Emirates wants to drop its last five Airbus A380 orders

The Gulf airline could cut as many as half of its Airbus A380 fleet while also slashing 30% of it...

Be quick to apply for this Qatar Airways status match

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Emirates delays premium economy launch

High hopes for Emirates' all-new premium economy seat have been dashed by the coronavirus.

Emirates premium economy: what we know so far

The coronavirus pandemic is throwing a spanner into Emirates' plan to launch premium economy in 2...

"The A380 is over" says Emirates president

With the superjumbo stricken by coronavirus, Emirates president Sir Tim Clark performs last rites.

Emirates will really miss its big-spending high flyers

More than any of its rivals, the Gulf carrier relied on luxury-conscious customers to fuel profits.

Emirates to refund 500,000 passengers for cancelled flights

Emirates will dip into its cash reserve in order to pay out over a half-million refunds for cance...

Emirates begins pre-flight coronavirus tests on passengers

Passport, boarding pass, blood test results: could on-the-spot checks for COVID-19 become a new p...

Emirates, Etihad return to the skies with rescue flights

Limited repatriation flights from Emirates and Etihad represent a small restart for their once-sp...

The coronavirus is here, and Emirates' golden years are gone

All airlines will struggle with the impact of the coronavirus, but Emirates had some serious weak...

Emirates stops all passenger flights by 25 March

One of the world’s largest international airlines is cancelling all flights for at least two weeks.

Emirates, Etihad: UAE bans passenger flights, transits

A nation-wide ban on all passenger flights and airport transits will take effect this week.

Emirates Airbus A380 first class

Emirates' superjumbo first class lets you work, dine, relax, and even shower on your schedule, wh...

Corporate jets the key to supersonic flying: Sir Tim Clark

Supersonic superjumbos are unlikely any time soon, but smaller, speedier jets could gel with corp...

Emirates taps data, biometrics in the future of travel

From inflight meals and movies to designing the airport of the future, data and biometrics will p...