• But it isn’t walled up, hence one space

  • Bit of a stretch to call this two lounges - it's still one area with space either side of the staircase like the current layout. It's just a different seating plan.

  • There was a line up of around 30 people queuing to get in when I visited last month! From what I could tell the queue had formed because people were in discussion with the lounge attendants not happy at being turned away. I decided to visit the BA lounge for a meal and came back to the Q lounge f...

  • Qantas' new Perth transit lounge

    Feb 07, 2018, 11:06 AM

    So would gold/sapphire passengers in economy flying to Singapore or Auckland get access to the domestic Qantas Club or domestic Business Lounge? Usually they have access to the Qantas club for domestic flights, but business lounges for international flights.

  • Does anyone know how many guests a QF Gold can bring into the lounge, and whether children count as guests? The T&C's on the Fiji Airways website only state the guest policy for Tabua club members, not QF members.

  • I've been through twice in the last few days - late evening and mid morning. On both occasions it was noticeably quieter than usual, but not quite a ghost town. Similarly recent flights in SE Asia have been quieter than normal with around 80 to 90% of passengers wearing face masks and a few even ...

  • BA check-in HKG

    Feb 08, 2020, 07:20 PM

    It's 3 hours before departure from memory, but jump on the train into the city and make use of the all day check in facility. Once you've dropped your bags and picked up your boarding pass, you can either stay in the city or head back to the airport for some lounging. Enjoy!

  • Hi all,The Qantas website is not letting me search for flights between Dubai and London unless its a points booking (i.e. no revenue searches) - is this a glitch in the website or a result of the restructuring of the Qantas-Emirates tie up? I appreciate Qantas no longer fly the route but assumed ...

  • Gluten free meals in business class

    Dec 22, 2019, 09:41 PM

    I'm in exactly the same boat. The problem is even though some of the business meals don't contain gluten ingredients, they are made in a commercial kitchen and therefore carry a risk of cross contamination. As some people have acute sensitivity, special meals are prepared in a dedicated kitchen t...

  • Can't help on this specific scenario, but I tend to book a special meal in advance as a back-up and then order from the main menu if I'm comfortable enough that there's an option that meets my dietary requirements.