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  • Overhead luggage compartment battle

    Apr 22, 2021, 11:36 AM

    The other issue here is that when a plane is busy passengers are instructed to place their large bag in the overhead locker and smaller personal bag under the seat in front, however, this is not enforced so if there's room people often place both items in the locker

  • Hope it gets a deep clean before loading passengers on for the SYD leg!

  • You could also have phone Qantas and requested to be seating with others in your party, although I'm not sure what the hold time is like at the moment. I generally find the best trick is to log back in at T-80 and select whatever is still available at the front

  • It may also be because Row 9 on the 737s doesn't have windows so could be perceived as being less desirable.

  • Must be inconsistent in that case - I tried four times (gold) but was not offered a call back. In the end I got through to someone using the chat function in the app. Although it took two hours before the chat was initiated it was better than holding. Worth noting this was on Sunday / Monday befo...

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