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  • Originally Posted by sid Hi Juddy, thanks for sharing this report. Sounds like you enjoyed it! Any particular meals, wine, or whisky on board that was a stand-out for you? The Steak was amazing, had Salmon that was good. A 25/30 year old Whisky I think it was.

  • Originally Posted by patrickk Not sure I would agree public health measures are rubbish. A bit like seatbelts as a public safety measure. But a good review except you may have been lucky with the sit down experience at the Dubai first class lounge, not a patch on Sydney. The wearing of masks on p...

  • Just got back from a UK/Singapore trip.Brisbane to Dubia on the long night hopper, 100% excellent service been nearly 3 years since my last 1st class trip with them and they did not disappoint. Still no Emirates lounge, was told its being given a full make over for a late 2022 opening. The other...

  • Emirates Lounge Brisbane

    Feb 17, 2022, 08:55 PM

    Booked for UK via Dubai on the now changed A380, first time I will have done the A380 on this leg always had the 777 in the past, which will be nice being a longer flight. Hopefully the shower and bar will be open. I hear the lounge is closed in Brisbane, does anyone know if it will be open by e...

  • Emirates 777 Business Class

    Feb 17, 2022, 08:44 PM

    No They Dont, I think theres only 9 in the fleet.

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