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I have flights booked mix of QANTAS Biz to KUL, then 1st to Dubai ( Emirates ) then bumped down to Biz to Manchester.

Thinking of binning it all as i was having a numbers of days in each location. And might not now

Looking at best value for money

Singapore airlines, 1st from Sydney then Biz to Manchester. I have 500,000 points that i could also add to Singapore for future use and take advantage of what they will give for my $10,000 ticket.

Or Emirates 1st all the way to Manchester $11,000 i have no points but could join there program

Last our good friends at QANTAS, QF1 all the way and a hop up to Manchester, plus i will be the status credits etc.

I am coming back on QF2 and i cant say i am super happy with this. Emirates i have done 1st no issues 100% happy, never done Singapore airlines.

Just after some feed back from the group and those who have done Singapore or QANTAS.

I am swinging towards Emirates, as its out from Brisbane and flys direct to Manchester. and all in 1st.

But would i be better to do Singapore, as i can transfer points to them and earn with the 1st class/Biz ticket




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I can't comment on which airline to choose, but if you go with SQ and don't have status with VA you could credit to VA and get 580 status credits which would give you instant Gold.


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Emirates First all the way. Join their FF (Skywards) because you'll want to choose them again and again.


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In terms of preference, i would say Emirates (EK) if you want to fly 1st class, as SQ and QF do not offer 1st class from Brisbane.

However, i like Singapore Airlines (SQ) compared to Emirates. It would come down to either your choice of wanting to fly first or fly business. If you don't mind, then SQ product is pretty good for Brisbane-Singapore, and a much better product from Singapore to Manchester.

Qantas is third on my list.


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Thank you for your thoughts I joined Skywards and booked 1st from Brisbane to Manchester. Having done this leg a number of times and enjoyed myself no end they won hands down. I can bet my 1st return on QF2 is not so good.


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If you are looking at flying premium and chasing status also, why not Qatar? I'd avoid their first class on A380 and opt for their Q suites, but if you are adamant on first then hop down to Sydney for their A380, and then onto London. That way you double dip and get One World status and QR status recognition on Virgin Australia.

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