• Lumbering A380? Compared to what?

  • Just a little note iM, I do pay for my tickets out of my personal hard-earned cash. I too have come up through the Qantas FF ranks. My comments are directed at Qantas being better, not due to any sense of personal entitlement.

  • Yawn. What is it about Neil Perry that's so special? I don't fly first on Qantas, but I do fly business, and the food always lacks vibrancy and interest. Compared to business food on JAL, BA, Singapore, Air NZ and Cathay it's a bore. Australia has some of the best cuisine in the world with unique...

  • After recent European trips on A319, A320 and A321 across a number of carriers, then returning to Qantas 737s here, I find the Airbus machines somehow less claustrophobic, quieter and smoother than the Boeing offering.

  • The inhuman idea of stuffing economy passengers into 32in pitch seats for 20 hours shows a fair degree of contempt for them on the part of Qantas/Sydney Airlines. Bravo to Singapore Airlines for making their ultra-long service all premium classes. Hard to believe this is anything but a stunt.

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