• Thanks Nickj338395 and sounds very serene and peaceful what you did. I have to be mindful of the time at home and not overindulging in the sampling of fine spirits. Did drink a Glenmorangie Tayne on Saturday night. With blended whiskies I do like the Hibiki Masters Select. Have a good week,

  • Meant to say - Thanks for this article David.

  • Thanks for this David article. A truly refreshing change to read something different. A great range of whiskies on the awards list. Sets the tone for tonight's beverage at home.

  • The aircraft storage process has started today with some 737s going to Avalon into storage. More will follow. See Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane holding a lot of the wide bodied fleet.

  • Got it Mickey27. Just have never seen cabin crew up there on any of my travels. I suspect that given they are working after they get to Sydney keeping them in the midst of smaller groups is safer too.

  • The current climate provides Virgin a perfect opportunity to re-shape, re-focus and re-align their business. A domestic only airline I feel is the best and safest choice. International routes can be served through their code-share arrangements with partners including Delta, Singapore Airlines, AN...

  • @Flyman I am in a similar situation where I am more than likely going to qualify for platinum in my current year and another family member of mine has already retained P1 and the extension does not help either of us. But in light of the circumstances facing the world, retaining status or being co...

  • New normal?

    Mar 27, 2020, 06:33 AM

    Still see significant value in face to face meetings and feel that once things settle, travelling will be back on the agenda.

  • QF2 new route

    Mar 24, 2020, 06:03 AM

    Yes was reported overnight on the news wire. Appears the fuel is the issue in Singapore. Makes sense to keep the stop within the country. Safe and good move.

  • You should be ok as the DSC just got extended till tomorrow.