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Hi All

Just wondering if anyone has received their qantas apology points?

As a platinum FF I received 15,000 and the $50. But no points have landed into my account yet.


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I am platinum also but received 30,000 points and these were put into my account on the 31st August.


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I received my 15k in my account on 1 September


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I also got my 30,000 points on Aug 31. I’ve already used my $50 discount code and got $55 off a return flight to Sydney.


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I am platinum and no points received yet. I know 2 people who are P1 and haven't got any points yet either.


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My points landed last week.


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Also Platinum and no points as yet.


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Gold here waiting on a DBL (Domestic Business Lounge) invitation and no luck. But asking on another forum - a couple had received them. Why Qantas is splitting them across several weeks, or if their systems are malfunctioning, I don't know. I was late to claim/use my voucher (just did last week) so I'm hoping that's the explanation.


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30,000 points in, with a couple of ideas to use them.


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I got them but (in a sneaky backhanded move which has sadly become very typical of Qantas’ attitude towards its Plats) you need to opt in by clicking the link in order to have the points credited. Once I did that the points landed in my account pretty quickly.


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greg959 is right. It's a link in the third paragraph (literally "here") in an e-mail separate from the app. The e-mail is called "Thank you from Qantas" and was sent around August 22nd. I'd never have found it on my own.



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Thanks for the heads-up greg959. I too hadn't seen the points land and I hadn't read email closely enough, so thanks for the tip. Typical Qantas sneaky tactic as that sentence ended with " ... and for more information, click here."

Been flying Virgin exclusively for the last few months and loving it. The seats at the front of the bus are similar enough, the service is very good, the food we've been enjoying, the priority boarding lines are and the price .... wow! occasionally get stung $600 for business on the triangle (but then QF is $1,200-1,300 at the same date/time) but normally they are in the $285 to $350 price range.

Bring back the premium entry at BNE and SYD and it will be unbeatable.

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