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  • Seat Selection

    Oct 29, 2020, 11:31 AM

    Hello all,I've noticed an interesting quirk on Qantas' coming back to work process regarding seat selection. 2 weeks ago I had a Brisbane-Hamilton Island return flight and whilst I had the ability to preselect seats on the first leg, the return to Brisbane just showed 'unavailable' all the way up...

  • I had the same thing in an SMS kanga9999 - I took the view it was spam (the link was to which I took as a bit of a giveaway.) The emails, with the same information, were 'eaten' by the spam filter.If it's not spam, then Qantas will need to try a little harder as they say they will nev...

  • Not just the actual reward availability but also the seats that can be pre-selected get better the further up the tree you go.

  • Accessing The Private Room Singapore

    Nov 20, 2019, 10:43 PM

    Travelling in suites you will get an invite to the private room, which is a seperate part of the First class lounge.Don't forget if you are arriving at Changi by car (assuming you're not transiting) to get dropped off at the special first class terminal entry at T3

  • “Given how much effort Qantas has made to increase the utility value of the card I'm not sure why you wouldn't carry it.”Because I fly many airlines, not just Qantas. I fly them enough to retain Platinum each year. Which means I use them a bit but if I carried the bits of plastic fr...

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