• With this new aircraft to operate on Tuesday and Friday plus their excellent premium services on board, no one will fly on Qantas b737 (international route- domestic-like services) on other days except those with strict travel dates.

  • With that height of the seat frame - partition, with nearly 50 passengers in the same cabin, how significant experience can that sliding door offer?It is not like those First class suites equipped with proper 150 cm (or more) wall on EK or TG 747 or SQ etc.

  • Such a frustrating news- Now only TG that offers First Class service, and it seems like they will stop that soon along with their classic B747.No more F on direct and non-stop flight between Sydney and Bangkok is quite surprising considering both cities are this important for its regions.

  • I could see that coming as well - now it will competition between two premium airlines that operate direct, non-stop service.

  • And you can also request two new ones delivered to your door every year, if you wish.

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  • Thank you so much everyoneAlready changed from 12A to 3JFingers crossed the checkin staff will offer row 2 window seat if it is still available then. (It is vacant now but blocked for P1 and CL)

  • Hi everyone- I am about to travel solo from SFO to SYD Business with B747 (New configuration: No first class), I’ve already got 12A. The whole upper deck is full.However, 3J (aisle seat in last row of the nose cabin) just came out today and it is quite tempting.Would be great if you could s...

  • Qantas Gift voucher

    Dec 27, 2018, 11:11 PM

    I want to share my direct experience with this community about Qantas gift voucher that can be purchased easily from Qantas website in order to alert some of us here who used to or plan to purchase it as a surprise gift for your loved ones.To make it clear I will tell the story the chronologicall...

  • Hi everyone,I am traveling to Noumea a few times a year. Qantas customers but strictly fly on SB aircrafts. Their A330, even A320, both J and Y products are much better than QF. And their service is always great.I heard that they ordered a new A330neo and about to get delivered next year. Does an...

  • Originally Posted by MuzzH I would have to say that I am very impressed with the new Qantas Business Class seat on their Airbus A330 and Boeing Dreamliner. I have just taken two flights with this product and am impressed - much better than the product on the A380 or Jumbo in my opinion (despite ...

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