• Is there an option on gluten free pasta, and rice noodles? These are very simple concessions to people burdened by food allergies that they didn't actually choose to have. fed up of eating boiled rice and hot chips in the first lounge.

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  • I always file a screen shot when it says congratulations you have succesfully registered, making sure the date is visible. It can help later on.

  • Recently we holidayed in Canada and flew Syd-Vancouver via San Francisco. The stopover between flights was 2.5 hours which we were assured was enough. The flight landed on time.We sat on the tarmac for over half an hour waiting for a slot to move around to our gate, as at San Francisco only one p...

  • Originally Posted by OttoV Hi All fellow travellers, I was moved to address the good folk of the QFF service department to ask for a hint when the next DSC might occur. Join me in desperation as I sit on 1390 SC and my request of the second allocation of loyalty 50 lovelies went straight ...

  • I am wondering if there is a separate business check in area at Tom Bradley. We will be arriving to Terminal 2 from Vancouver and catching the shuttle to Terminal B. Flying Qantas to Melbourne. Thanks

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