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  • South African emirates lounge access

    Apr 08, 2022, 07:53 PM

    I am travelling from Cape Town to Dubai then onto Europe later in the year in economy on Emirates. I am a platinum with Qantas. Will I get access to the lounge through my qf status?

  • Hi all. I'm travelling in a couple of weeks from melbourne to dubai on ek 409 leaving at 6am. Does anyone know what the qantas first lounge opening hours are? Will I have time to have a quick brekkie before the flight? Cheers

  • My mistake, i am only flying from London to singapore. I must have had a brain fart. I was leaning toward QF. I guess I was wondering if cathay was so much better with direct aisle seating and food, that the extra stop and longer trip was worth it. Thanks again.

  • Hi all. I need to travel from London to singapore in November. I have the option between qantas direct and cathay via hong Kong.Which one would you recommend? I will be traveling alone and in business. I hold qantas platinum, so I am hoping to spend some time in the cathay first lounge in London ...

  • QF Route Map Wish List

    Mar 09, 2018, 02:27 PM

    DRW to SIN - im tired of catching Jetstar!

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