• Maybe need a list of what flights they are still running. Huge suspensions. Will they close some of the concourses?

  • I flew cx from dubai last week. New bedding is comfortable. However with no personal airvents, I found the cabin to hot to use the blankets. Nice big pillows though. Is it just me, but do the slip on slippers never fit?

  • Qantas to begin Sydney-Fiji flights

    Jan 21, 2019, 11:36 AM

    Great news! Kinda looks like the Fijian flag on the 737! FANTAS?

  • Ill be interested to see what the loo ratio is. The current ratio is terrible. Id be happy to see two extra loos at the front if it meant smaller lounge areas

  • Exciting times for QF. I love Chicago and it would be amazing stepping off the plane in the Australian heat after being in the freezing contitions just a few hours before. I cant help feel disappointed that they'll be using the 787, an aircraft ill be avoiding. Narrow seats and aisles in economy,...

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  • Hi all. I'm travelling in a couple of weeks from melbourne to dubai on ek 409 leaving at 6am. Does anyone know what the qantas first lounge opening hours are? Will I have time to have a quick brekkie before the flight? Cheers

  • My mistake, i am only flying from London to singapore. I must have had a brain fart. I was leaning toward QF. I guess I was wondering if cathay was so much better with direct aisle seating and food, that the extra stop and longer trip was worth it. Thanks again.

  • Hi all. I need to travel from London to singapore in November. I have the option between qantas direct and cathay via hong Kong.Which one would you recommend? I will be traveling alone and in business. I hold qantas platinum, so I am hoping to spend some time in the cathay first lounge in London ...

  • QF Route Map Wish List

    Mar 09, 2018, 02:27 PM

    DRW to SIN - im tired of catching Jetstar!

  • Id like to see some day flights from SIN to MEL/SYD and some redeyes back to SIN.

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