• Agree its a nightmare currently. The plan is to give taxi's a dedicated drop-off behind the new hotel (not sure if this includes rideshare). This will free up the current drop-off area for private cars.

  • Bravo to this comment. Kicking JB in the guts seems to be a fun pastime of many on these & other aviation forums. VA has made its fair share of missteps along its journey, and constructive criticism of these is understandable. But the acerbic nature of comments directed at its CEO continu...

  • Given VA is still a listed company, that's a pretty irresponsible comment to post online. I know they're not in a position to be ordering new aircraft, but they're also not about to enter administration, as you suggest.

  • I’ll probably apply for the new AMEX, but I’ll need to have a good think about whether to keep this going after the first fee-free year. Currently for my dual Altitude Black cards, I’m paying one $395 fee to Westpac. Under this new arrangement (after the fee free year)...

  • @vperez They have just confirmed on the website that the existing annual fee for Black will reduce from $395 to $250 plus $50 for selecting QF. Earn rate will increase from 0.675 to 0.75 per $1 spent, uncapped.No news yet on the AMEX transfer details.

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