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  • Just looked at SQ256 being A350 to SIN the A380 to Lon but keeps coming up with a error that PE not available on selected route..Any ideas??

  • My bad I should have stated Singapore Airlines.

  • Hello all.Looking for advice. Have tried to work out how to get PE to London from Brisbane. I keep getting messages that the flight has legs in which PE is not available. Are there certain flights to ensure PE all the way.Any help would be appreciated..Craig

  • PeteYeah I'm thinking we are going to Economy to London.  Use all my kris miles to return Business class via redemption..I received a reply from SA which wasn't any real help..Keep us in the loop with your flights.  Hopefully it all works out..

  • Cheers Simon.  Cheers for the input. Wanting to stay with the Virgin/Singapore Airlines as I'm about to hit Platinum with Virgin. So I contacted the airline directly and it was like talking to a tree stump. It appears the price does not change that much even though they don't offer...

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