• When you have a small fleet of 380's, its alot easier to make a retirement decision. When you have 115 like emirates, you have very little choice but to keep flying them. I guess a case of too many eggs in one basket! Lets hope they keep flying a while longer yet. It really is a magnificent flyin...

  • Would lufthansa be looking to add any a350-1000's to the order? it would make sense to add some extra capacity in leiu of the void left by the 380/747.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if Qantas maybe retire 2 or 3 of their Airbus 380's. I can't see the passenger demand rushing back at least for the next couple of years. We know what it costs to keep the 380's in the sky, so the scrutiny will be immense from the beancounters at Qantas. I personally love ...

  • I've flown on both the 787 & 350. To me, the 350 is the better plane for comfort. The ergonomics of the plane are just better I was rapt to see QF have chosen the a350-1000. The 380 is still my favorite though!

  • Seems to me that Qantas are only playing catch up to some of their competitors. Their business class has been below par for quite some time. I guess better late that never. It will be welcome to many travelers.

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