• Neil Perry's food may suit those in F and J; but the food served to those of us who more frequently fly at the back of the plane is often woeful. Stop trying to sell celebrity food - try simple food done well.

  • Good suggestion billposters. A soundproof booth would both shield other flyers from you conversation and ensure the privacy of you conversation. Are you old enough to remembers Maxwell Smart's 'Cone of Silence' - a possible solution?

  • Agree with James wrt reducing the TV everywhere approach. Personal devices have made this redundant. I'm all for quiet zones. Lounge mobile free? Long conversations on mobiles is so 1990's!

  • Travelling on QF10 in October, then transferring to QF594 for BNE. I suspect pax such as myself would be expected to use the Domestic lounge. What is the shower availability like a PER QF club?

  • Originally Posted by SeaVisionBurma Originally Posted by rob01As an aside, I also noticed on a trip last week in SIN that when offered the chance to pay for a card transaction in SGD or AUD, AUD was always cheaper My experience differs on this - for me it is always cheaper to make the transactio...

  • Involuntary downgrades

    Apr 23, 2017, 02:07 PM

    Booked for ski holiday in leaving BNE Sat 12 Feb on QF15 in PE, with onward connections to Kelowna, Canada. Received TXT from QF advising significant delay due to late (very 12+ hours) arrival operating aircraft B747. Telephoned reservations and was offered rerouting via SYD on QF11 in time to ma...