• Aceboy yes i have flown scoot business 6 times and yes it is what you pay for low cost little service.The cost was extremely low and for 8 hour flight it was worth it but whilst i am use to first/business on SQ it is a big let down when they will not give you a glass of water for free i have to p...

  • I take SQ 256 5 times a year and it is the best option especialy now they have A350 as a part of their team.As a business man flying every 2 weeks i find SQ streets ahead of all the other airlines including QF CX and Emirates.

  • i just went first class to hong kong on the singapore A380 and it was the new first class suites up stairs.it was brilliant as well as the service and the food.The large tv and arm chair is just so good i doubt it if QF will ever out do Singapore airlines in any class?

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    Mar 16, 2019, 12:28 PM

    i purchased the ear buds only to use in the gym and i am always having problems with the sound only coming out on the right hand side.i spoke to Bose about it and they said sorry we cannot help you we do not service headphones.so in my opinon they are a 0 out 10.

  • Last week I had a team of people travel with me brisbane to sydney on QF and sydney to melbourne VIRGIN.Without doubt the VIRGIN flight was much better than the QF flight in all ways QF crew are so arrogant and lazy with a touch of sarcasm [my team was from Asia] in treating them like school kid...

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  • This is typical Cathay Pacific they give very little for their short comings.same as their in flight service and their old planes all tired and outdated.My friend says Cathay and Qantas are twins??.

  • Singapore Airlines are a lot better than Cathay in all aspects of flying.Service meals aircraft so much better Cathay is like Qantas would be if they could be all promises but they never deliver on those promises.

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